Goliath Must Fall:-Overcoming Formidable Challenges with Resilience and Faith


In our contemporary world, we are confronted with countless challenges and trials that demand the construction of robust support systems. These systems not only ensure our social wellbeing but also nourish our mental stability. To understand how to navigate these challenges, we find wisdom in the biblical story of David and Goliath.

David, the underdog, small in size and doubted by many, faced the colossal Goliath, a giant backed by an army of formidable soldiers. Despite the odds, David emerged victorious, a testament to the power of faith and resilience. This ancient story symbolizes the triumph of the human spirit, inspiring us to confront and overcome our own Goliaths.

In today’s context, our Goliaths take various forms, each depicting a significant challenge in our lives. Here are a few examples:

1. Financial Goliath:Economic instability and rising costs of living have made financial stability increasingly elusive. Many people struggle to make ends meet, burdened by debts and unable to achieve financial independence. We need to strategize, plan, and work diligently to defeat this financial Goliath. In this battle, financial literacy, prudent spending, and wise investment are our metaphorical slingshots.

2. Unemployment Goliath:The escalating global population coupled with an unpredictable economy has led to an unemployment crisis. This Goliath affects not only job seekers but also employers and governments. It’s a challenge that calls for collective action—improving education and skills training, fostering entrepreneurship, and implementing inclusive economic policies—to ensure that the Goliath of unemployment falls.

3. Marital Disputes Goliath: Modern society has witnessed a surge in marital conflicts, leading to an increasing rate of divorce. The advent of social media, changing societal norms, and the decline in moral fiber contribute to these disputes. It’s crucial to nurture communication, understanding, and mutual respect in relationships to ensure that the Goliath of marital discord falls. Marriage counseling, open dialogues, and mutual understanding are our stones and slingshots in this battle.

4. Disease Goliath: Disease, whether physical or mental, is a Goliath that many people grapple with daily. The rise in chronic illnesses and mental health issues presents a significant challenge to individuals and health institutions. Embracing healthy lifestyles, promoting mental health awareness, and enhancing medical research and healthcare services are vital in toppling this Goliath.

Just like David, we may seem small and ill-equipped against these colossal challenges. However, we must remember that, despite his size, David was not powerless. He had his faith, his courage, and his sling. Today, our slings may be our education, our skills, our networks, our resilience, or our faith.

In the face of these Goliaths, we must remember that victory is not just about physical might or size. It’s about the strength of our spirit, the resilience of our will, and the depth of our faith. We must rise, stand firm, and declare, “Goliath must fall”. For, with determination, courage, and faith, no Goliath is invincible.

Chaliafya Katungula
Advocate General
Commentry on justice for improved Livelihoods


  1. People crying about how they will afford to feed their families in light of the historical high prices of mealie meal. Meanwhile this boy is writing article about goliath instead of forcing hh and his minions out of power before we all starve to death

  2. From time immemorial, land was considered the primary source of production and sustenance. Skills were developed for exploitation and sustenance of this important resource. What is being taught as conservation farming had actually been practiced by natives for many years. Nowadays the youth and some adults gain skills not to apply on this primary resource. They can have mango and would sell it as it is but they’ll feel proud to buy and sip mango juice made out of it. If no one buys their mango then they’re doomed and will always appeal to govt to do something. Water engineers are waiting for the Chinese to solve the Lusaka water crisis then they’ll travel to China for a case study

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