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Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister Addresses United Nations General Assembly on Global Challenges


On Tuesday, September 26th, 2023, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Stanley Kakubo, took the floor at the United Nations General Assembly to shed light on the concerning interplay of war, economic uncertainty, climate change, and food insecurity. Mr. Kakubo voiced his concern that, while these issues have global ramifications, they disproportionately affect nations in the Global South.

“In Africa, we are grappling with the severe consequences of instability in global food prices, with over 150 million people on the continent suffering from hunger,” stated Mr. Kakubo. He attributed this crisis to a convergence of factors, including inflation, climate change, and conflict, all contributing to the rising costs of food and fertilizers. Furthermore, the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted global supply chains, causing shortages as agricultural produce could no longer reach international markets.

Mr. Kakubo emphasized that these challenges have had a direct impact on food prices within Zambia. Import-dependent countries have turned to Zambia to secure their own food stocks, leading to domestic price increases. He stressed the delicate balance Zambia faces in meeting its own needs while recognizing its responsibility to assist neighboring nations, as their stability is closely linked to Zambia’s prosperity.

Addressing these global challenges, Mr. Kakubo underscored the importance of international cooperation. He urged all parties to engage in thoughtful decision-making, taking into account the concerns of Africa and the Global South. As an initial step, Zambia called upon the Russian Federation to rejoin the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a UN-led effort facilitating the transfer of Ukrainian agricultural produce to global markets and helping stabilize food markets worldwide.

Mr. Kakubo reiterated Zambia’s unwavering commitment to advancing peace, security, and stability globally. He highlighted President Hakainde Hichilema’s visits to Kyiv and St. Petersburg in June, where he advocated for negotiations. The President continues to collaborate with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to restore peace in the region. Mr. Kakubo concluded by affirming Zambia’s dedication to playing a vital role in securing peaceful coexistence for all.


  1. Addressing his masters who control his incompetent boss. Hh is angry we stopped him from travelling to this waste of time. Ubungu 400 kwacha sure

    • These are the ministers to fire on arrival. If it was a woman she could not have over stayed in America.
      UNGA ended last week, everyone else left.
      Whadafack is that guy still doing in America? These guys, going to pose on empty podium and you say he addressed the Nation’s? How much they spent in 20 days in America?

    • At least he was not going to New York for partying, namahule, money laundering…
      Any way can we help our suffering brothers and sisters under Zanu PF apartheid in Zimbabwe it’s long overdue.
      Watch “ZIMBABWEANS HAVE GIVEN UP! South Africa Comments” on YouTube
      Watch “SADC TROIKA Humbles ZANU PF | BEITBRIDGE BOARDER ShutDown In Motion| #zimelection2023” on YouTube

  2. Kainyokolile foesek! Kakubo is better than your brother Jameson Kachpembe Lungu who read a wrong speech or Sata who died for an hour in the hotel leaving Zambia unrepresented at the UN.

  3. That captionshould read: Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Stanley Kakubo, addresses empty seats at the United Nations General Assembly

    • Per diem, and other allowances far exceeding the annual salary, shopping stuff, bloated egos from shallow bragging that I was in America

  4. Can’t we Africans Carribeans, Asians, Australasia (without Australia) create our own world body where we can talk and be heard?

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