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All set for Mukubwe By-election


The stage is set for the Mukubwe Ward By-election in Ngabwe District, located in the heart of Central Province, Zambia. This highly anticipated democratic event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 12th October 2023, with the local populace eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exercise their electoral rights.

Three political parties are actively participating in this critical by-election. The contest features the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) as well as the opposition’s Patriotic Front (PF) and the Socialist Party (SP).

Anticipation and optimism run high as candidates from each political party gear up to compete for the Mukubwe Ward seat. This democratic showdown promises to be a platform for political parties to present their vision and policies to the electorate while seeking to secure victory.

Representing the UPND in the by-election is Alick Lumingu, who aims to carry forward the party’s agenda in the Mukubwe Ward. Standing in opposition to Lumingu is Erick Chiyuni, nominated by the Patriotic Front (PF), and Christopher Kabunda, the candidate put forth by the Socialist Party (SP).

The Mukubwe Ward seat became vacant earlier this year following the unfortunate passing of Christopher Hamuntanga Halwando.


  1. How PF learnt how manipulate elections

  2. The UPND vote won’t be counted in Mukubwe; it will be weighed. The New Dawn government is making a difference in the lives of villagers.

    • Mthola Nkhanis of nowadays! They dont explain what the vote is for. You the reader have to make out what the bye election is for

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