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Auditor General report 2022 records positives


The Auditor General’s report for the financial year ended December 31, 2022, has recorded improvements in the public financial management, with 14 ministries and provinces recording zero audit queries.

Speaking during the presentation of the report at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa stated that the report shows a positive trajectory in the financial management, under President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration.

Highlighting some of the achievements attained, Mr. Kangwa disclosed that the number of ministries and provinces not cited in the auditor general’s report has doubled from seven in the year ended 31st December 2021 to 14 in the year under discussion.

The Secretary to the Cabinet added that even those cited in the report had fewer audit queries than in the previous years.

He revealed that misappropriation of funds was pegged at five billion kwacha last year, but reduced to K135 thousand, representing 97 percent reduction, while unaccounted for funds dropped from K83 million to K388 thousand, almost a 100 percent drop.

He commended the controlling officers for taking the lead to achieve zero audit queries as evident in the audit outcomes.

“I would like to thank the President for the continuous push on us as a team to ensure that we bring audit queries down and improve in the manner in which we account for government resources,” Mr. Kangwa stated.

He noted that with the introduction of the new disciplinary code, more action has been undertaken, resulting in the reported improvement.

And Acting Secretary to the Treasury Danies Chisenda reminded the controlling officers of their responsibilities to preside over the management of public resources and can only earn trust from citizens if zero audits are achieved.

Mr. Chisenda said it was imperative that areas of weaknesses are strengthened and corrective measures put in place so that queries are not repetitive.

He assured the Treasury’s support by improving systems and offering training to accounting, auditing and other staff in various institutions to achieve efficiency, timeliness and accuracy in their operations.

Meanwhile, Director in Charge of Planning in the Office of the Auditor General Bornwell Mpofu appreciated the compliance levels among current controlling officers who provided evidence on time.

Mr. Mpofu made an appeal for the audit process to be followed so that the office carries out its evaluations on time.

Among those not cited included Ministries of Green Economy and Environment, Technology and Science, Commerce, Trade and Industry, Energy, Information and Media, Justice, Tourism, Labour and Social Security, Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Infrastructure and Urban Development, Central Province, Lusaka Province, North-Western Province,  Cabinet Office, and Department of Gender.


  1. So this is the part of the Audit Report that was sent back for editing. These guys are full of sh it. K65M forfeited by Faith has been stolen and you call that improvement? We’re waiting for the audit of CDF to see what’s happening. Self-deception is a serious disease in the UPND

    • Doctored document. You leave out CDF and you call it positive.
      Unfortunately it will difficult to remove these vultures because they have already started laying out a plan to rig the elections. Part of the rigging plan is inbuilt in the bio national registration card and on going of voter registration.

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