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Political Parties React to Registrar of Societies’ Directive on Intra-Party Elections


The recent directive from the Registrar of Societies to political parties, instructing them to hold intra-party elections for vacant positions within 60 days, has stirred mixed reactions among political leaders and their respective parties.

Citizens First Leader Harry Kalaba has reacted strongly to the directive, threatening to take legal action against the Registrar of Societies. In a telephone interview with ZNBC News, Kalaba expressed his discontent, noting that this directive marks the first instance where the Registrar of Societies has pushed political parties to hold conventions. His concerns highlight the significant impact this directive has on the internal affairs of political parties.

The Patriotic Front (PF) has also weighed in on the matter, describing the ultimatum as illegal. PF’s Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Emmanuel Mwamba, held a press briefing in Lusaka to assert the party’s stance. Mwamba emphasized that the Registrar’s ultimatum lacks a legal basis.

Furthermore, Mwamba announced that the PF will convene a Central Committee Meeting on October 21, which will address a range of important issues, including setting a new date for an extraordinary party convention to elect a new party President. This convention, initially scheduled for July 29, had been postponed.

On the other hand, Party for National Unity and Progress (PNUP) Leader Highvie Hamududu indicated that the Registrar of Societies’ directive does not apply to his party. He clarified that the PNUP is unaffected because it currently has no vacancies, and its constitution stipulates a five-year term that has not yet expired.

Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has defended the Registrar’s directive, stating that it aligns with the provisions of the law. In a meeting with heads of media houses in Lusaka, Mweetwa emphasized that political parties, as entities created by law, must comply with the Registrar of Societies’ mandates. He also underscored the importance of conducting party conventions in a democratic manner, reflecting Zambia’s democratic principles.

Mweetwa further called on the media fraternity to develop legislation that allows for self-regulation. This, he argued, would promote ethical conduct and professionalism within the industry. Mweetwa expressed concern over individuals without journalism training participating in reporting and the lack of mechanisms for holding them accountable.

He assured that the UPND Government would uphold media freedom and media houses’ rights. Additionally, Mweetwa revealed that the government is actively reviewing the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Acts, while also developing a communication strategy in its draft stage.


  1. Someone to explain to me why individuals who were assaulted by kz the thug being compensated by government instead of kz the mastermind

  2. Total confusion, the targeted party is well known and the other thing stop shifting our mind from mealie meal the issue here is food, mealie meal.When is the price coming down from K320 to K50 we are tired of waiting and insala never waits.Imwemulekuta.Akabunga has bad repercussions so work on it and stop all the talk about threatening your opponents. Chese you playing is already known,it is a check mate mmmm mmm kkkk .

  3. This is comedy if only it wasn’t dangerous to our lives and nation. Since the election and convention that took place after the the death of the Great Mazoka, Upnd have never held any general meeting or even a dark corner one to elect leadership.
    Those who thought we were going to be better will be really disappointed.
    HH’s mission is to wipe out all opposition in Zambia and unfortunately the Germans are behind him.

  4. The directive is lawful but it is standing on a draconian law. I believe strongly in the night watchman state that leaves citizens alone to manage their own affairs. The PF government passed the draconian law. Since the PF made the bed, I have no problem with them lying in it. It’s called poetic justice and it’s tremendous.

  5. Harry El Chapo K. must familiarize himself with Article 60 of the Zambia Constitution (Amendment) Act 2016. The Golden Boy and other miscreant parties must know these are not only requirements by the Registrar of Societies, but also a constitutional requirement

  6. I thought Harry and Emmanuel were together in PF government why they did not change this law which they are now condemning?
    Just follow the law not to waste our time

  7. The question remains why has this directive from the Registrar of Societies never been made before?

  8. The UPND shouldn’t fight their political battles using state institutions. They went for 15yrs without a national convention, even the structures that Mazoka left were dissolved without consensus. When Tiens Kahenya tried to reason with zealots like Sejani, he was hounded out of the Party. These things they’re trying to do will backfire on them. Soon HH will be a former President and the UPND will be face challenges of choosing a successor. They have been fighting for survival right from swearing-in, what kind of people are these?

  9. Hakainde will not stop campaigning, he spent too much time in opposition and saddenly he has waken up. He does not know whether to start developing the country or continue to campaign. His political party is just a care taker political party the real political party is coming in 2026.


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