Friday, May 24, 2024

Eight Ministry Directors Charged Over Audit Query Document Loss, Cabinet Takes Action


Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, has revealed that eight directors from a specific Ministry have been officially charged due to the unaccounted absence of documents related to audit queries. The announcement was made during a press briefing in Lusaka, where Mr. Kangwa emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to addressing issues arising from audit queries.

According to Mr. Kangwa, the directors in question have faced charges stemming from their failure to account for essential documents connected to audit queries. The loss of these documents has raised concerns about transparency and accountability within the Ministry.

“Cabinet Office is not taking audit queries lightly, and as a response, numerous officers have been suspended, and eight directors have been formally charged,” stated Mr. Kangwa during the press briefing, underscoring the government’s commitment to address audit-related matters.

In a related development, Acting Secretary to the Treasury, Danies Chisenda, who also serves as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, addressed the issue of audit queries. He urged controlling officers to work diligently to rectify any areas of weakness within their departments, emphasizing the importance of preventing audit queries.

Mr. Chisenda highlighted the necessity of avoiding audit queries and underlined the potential consequences of failing to do so. He expressed a firm belief in the importance of maintaining financial accountability and ensuring that public resources are managed responsibly.


  1. We need some user friendly to the New dawn administration. This one is PF and must go. We have good and educated young men within the UPND structures who can do better. The president need to act.
    We removed the Auditor General. What is special about this one.!

  2. This site was hacked. Some addicts who lack lives like tikki have been struggling without access to this site. We hear tikki and other upnd supporters have gone mad. Lusaka times is there life.

  3. This is just window dressing to make us believe ND is fighting corruption within. I can only believe if it involves FISP procurement of 2022/2023 farming season at the ministry of agriculture where PS Mboozi was involved and when the former AG, Dr Sichembe, queried he got hounded out of the system.

    • I believe Dr Sichembe has an ongoing case of corruption in court. If indeed what you allege is true then you need only wait for him to bring it up in the court of law as a contributory issue.

  4. Nine directors from an unnamed ministry of a certain date while acting for the unknown destroyed certain unknown documents incriminating the unknown and so on and so forth. Honestly Kangwa, foesek.

  5. If you know how Israelis treat Palestinians then you will never support Israel….they think Palestinians are not humans

  6. Forget about charging or suspending. We are only interested in convictions. How many cases have ever resulted in a conviction?

  7. Why does the Zambian President appoint Permanent Secretaries? In South Africa this post is advertised. In the UK too

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