Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mopani ordered to address dust emission in Kalulushi


Government has asked Mopani Copper Mines to address the dust emissions from their tailings dam in Bwafwano area, polluting the air and choking residents of Kalulushi on the Copperbelt.

Kalulushi District Commissioner Kelly Jibinga said residents of Bwafwano have complained to the Government over the persistent dust emissions from the Mopani Tailings dam which has become a health hazard.

Speaking during a stakeholders meeting between Mopani, residents and ZEMA Mr Jibinga urged Mopani to conclusively address the matter to protect human lives.

Mr Jibinga said he wants Mopani to show their concern by being visible to the community of Bwafwano and take responsibility for the dust emissions in one way or another.

“I acknowledge the fact that ZEMA has been part of the need to find a lasting solution and as a government we will rely so much on what ZEMA will guide to mitigate this dust pollution,” said Mr Jibinga.

Mr Jibinga further said Mopani has been polluting the area for a long time now and the Government expects the mine to find a permanent solution regarding the dust emissions in the area.

And Mopani Nkana Manager Metallurgical Cyril Muyoba said the company is willing to provide interventions to mitigate or reduce the effect of the dust on the health of the people.

Mr Muyoba said for the immediate action, Mopani has been undertaking the spraying of molasses. He said the company has three bowsers that spray molasses in order for the dust to be suppressed on a daily basis.Mr Muyoba said Mopani is willing to hear from other stakeholders to come up with health interventions for the people.


  1. Close the mine and give them 30 Days to rectify the problem. That is what Minister Nzovu has been doing to the small mines . They have more resources than the small mines that the minister harrased in Central province and Southern province. What is so special about Mopani- CLOSE THE THING !!until they find a solution!

    • These guys come all the way from America and Europe to kill our people and we welcome them with open arms as they plunder our minerals. They cant have it both ways. Kill our people and steal our minerals? Close this mine

  2. Why not close all the mines ? Then we will all be happy instead of constant complaining about illegal miners
    and favouritism

  3. These minerals are God-given to the world’s only Christian nation. I do not understand why mining them pollutes the very people who are supposed to benefit from them. And where’s God’s manual for his people to conduct pollution-free mining operations?

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