Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Crocodile Claims 14-Year-Old Boy’s Life


A 14-year-old boy of Jilayantenga village in Chadiza district of Eastern province was yesterday mauled to death by a huge crocodile in Nsadzu river.The Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer, Limpo Liywalii, confirmed this devastating incident in a statement.

The young victim was identified as Smart Banda, a resident of Jilayantenga village in Chief Mlolo’s area. According to Mr. Liywalii, the boy had ventured to the river to get a drink of water, accompanied by some friends. It was during this trip that the horrifying encounter with the crocodile took place.

As the crocodile attacked, Smart Banda suffered multiple wounds on his face and a fractured right arm, injuries sustained during the deadly struggle. His friends, who witnessed the terrifying incident unfold, immediately ran to alert the boy’s parents about the dire situation.

Following the distress call, local police and fire brigade officers were promptly dispatched to the scene. Their joint efforts led to the recovery of the boy’s body at around 17:30 hours.

Despite being well aware of the crocodile-infested waters in Nsadzu river, many local residents often underestimate the dangers these reptiles pose, a disregard that has leads to tragic outcomes like this one.


  1. I don’t know why such deaths still occur in Zambia. All it takes is basic information about how the crocodile behaves. Wildlife experts have this information but are not passing it on to ordinary people so that lives can be saved.

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