Thursday, May 30, 2024

Maid Arrested for Stealing Over $21,000 and Jewelry from Employer


A 41-year-old maid, Mable Tembo, has been arrested for allegedly stealing over twenty-one thousand United States Dollars and assorted jewelry with an estimated value of twenty thousand United States Dollars from her employer, Pranav Patel, in Kitwe’s Parklands.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Peacewell Mweemba reported that the theft came to light after Mr. Patel realized that the bag containing the money, which he had been saving for his baby over the past two years, was missing from his bedroom. The bag also contained the jewelry belonging to his wife.

Upon further investigation, Mr. Patel learned from his security guard that Ms. Tembo had claimed to have received 400,000 Zambian Kwacha from relatives in the United Kingdom, which she purportedly used to purchase a vehicle and a house.

In response to these revelations, the police apprehended Ms. Tembo at her residence. A subsequent search of her premises led to the discovery of sixty-seven thousand Kwacha, ten gold chains, six gold bangles, three gold rings, sixteen gold earrings, 19 pockets of cement, five door frames, two iron bars, and 30 meters of iron sheets, among other items.

During the investigation, the accused confessed to stealing the money and using it to buy a Toyota Allion vehicle and a house in Kamitondo worth 140,000 Kwacha. The vehicle is reported to be in the custody of her husband, Musonda Mubanga, who is currently evading capture.

Ms. Tembo now faces criminal charges related to the theft, while authorities continue their efforts to locate her husband.


    • Very true Tembo is innocent. Its the husband who convinced her that “Alebomba mwibala” He is now somewhere in Mchinga Province with the galimoto yamene atolelefye

    • @Kanjimano Just check the interest you’re said to earn. Most of the time it is eaten away by the Bank charges. Remember your money is lent out by the bank at a higher interest rate. If you are looking for a sleezy, lazy way to become rich just become a banker

  1. Banks are expropriators. Of course they operate on the principle that the less money you give them the less interest you earn.
    So their bank charges are among other expropriation tactics, there to scare away small-time savers who can see they will lose out by keeping money in the bank. Banks are the ultimate capitalist tool. That of getting rich by selling what isn’t yours.

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