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Nyangombi Day School roof blown off in Mwinilunga


Nyangombi Day Secondary School in Mwinilunga district, North-Western province has had part of its roof blown off following heavy rains experienced in the area.

School Headteacher Kenneth Mulutula said  the incident happened on Monday October 16, 2023 between 21:00 and 22:00 hours, following a heavy downpour characterised by strong winds.

Mr. Mulutula said the damage has affected a staff room, two administration offices and three grade eleven classrooms leaving close to 200 pupils with no classroom space.

He added that other items and equipment destroyed include 12 desktop computers, two Laptops, text books, desks, tables and some accounting documents which were soaked in water.

Mr. Mulutula explained that the iron sheets have been extremely deformed with the walls of the block developing big cracks with its electrical wiring and fittings destroyed as well as a result of  the impact of the damage.

“A number of documents have been destroyed, gadgets have been destroyed including books and some accounting documents” he said.

He has since appealed to the government to quickly come in and do a complete renovation of the infrastructure as the damage to the building is huge.

Meanwhile District Commissioner Harrison Kamuna has confirmed the incident describing it as unfortunate.

Mr. Kamuna said a district team of officers will be assembled to go and asses the extent of the damage and come up with immediate solutions to the challenge.

Mwinilunga district has been experiencing rainfall activities in most areas.


  1. Dont blame the heavy rains if the construction was done properly and inspected without favor this wouldnt happen… shows you how PF opperated back then.

  2. Have you all noticed that public structures that were built during the reign of the notorious PF are increasingly having issues whenever there is inclement weather. They are unable to cope and schools and hospital are having a hard time and bearing the brunt of it.

  3. When was this school built? Looks relatively new or has it been well maintained compared to some of these other schools that are usually pictured on this site.

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