Thursday, May 30, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema Hosts Delegation from K.E International Consortium for PPP Projects


President Hakainde Hichilema welcomed a delegation from K.E International Consortium, which is keen on exploring Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects within Zambia. The Consortium’s ambitious plans encompass several sectors, including infrastructure development, electric vehicle battery production, renewable energy, agriculture, and agro-processing.

The meeting took place on Thursday and was attended by a delegation from K.E International Consortium, headed by Mr. Julius Mwale. During the discussions, the delegation unveiled an extensive array of Joint Venture and PPP projects, highlighting their interest in key sectors like infrastructure development, electric vehicle (EV) battery production, renewable energy initiatives, and investments in agriculture and agro-processing.

Particular attention was given to K.E International’s track record of successful investments in 12 different countries across the African continent. Of notable interest was the mention of a pioneering Smart City project in Kenya. This eco-friendly endeavor spans five districts and features a state-of-the-art medical tourism hospital with a capacity to serve 5,000 patients while offering free universal healthcare services to citizens.

President Hichilema emphasized the government’s dedication to creating tangible projects that not only foster growth but also tap into previously unexplored opportunities. These endeavors are envisioned to yield substantial benefits for the people of Zambia.

The meeting between President Hakainde Hichilema and the K.E International Consortium delegation marks a significant step towards forging strategic partnerships that could shape the future of Zambia’s development. With a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and economic growth, the government is committed to exploring new avenues that will positively impact the nation and its citizens.


  1. Lets not talk about thieves isn’t that the profession of most here ?
    talk to any household or business that doesn’t suffer such on a daily basis

    • DejaFOOOL,stay far away from nay-sayers les you are contaminated with poverty of the mind.They see nothing good in anything.They pray negativities day in and out

  2. Up to now, folks haven’t reckoned that mixing politics and religion is deadly. Rebuke the wrong in privacy as a clergy or join the game.

  3. What our white collar criminals term as PPP are one-sided projects that cut out competition because GRZ is the dormant partner. When they say the cost of the 42km road from Chingola to Kasumbalesa is US$12M, the actual cost is the money they tax motorists in tolls for 22yrs. It’s worse than getting a Chinese loan at 18% per annum in interest as the former has hidden details. You can’t analyse it. If these people are investors, show them the way to the Zambia Development Agency. But because they are con men dealing with fellow conmen they won’t get there.

  4. Businesses do not start just to give alms.Profit is always the motivation for any business venture.The moral in PPPs is “Money for Value”of a public good/service

    • When the sun raises in the east it sets in west, but before the end of the day @Kaizar Zulu his big mouth full of maggots. HH is a real man, very genuinely a good human being and that’s why he won the election, exactly what normal Zambians need right now. Thieves, hegemonizes, and tribalists have no place on the Zambian soil, hence in the Zambian govt. Under PF, Zambians suffered so much, started to lose decency and developed apathy towards one another. At the same time PF and Kaizer Zulu gassed Zambian citizens. What a shame. PF will never rule, PF was just a collection of thieves. No more free money. @Kaizar Zulu or else ndidula mipira yanu yoyipa.

  5. These crooks are back? This time with an even larger number of associate crooks…Last time the government saw through their schemes, but I guess they have seen a softer spot now. When will we Zambians ever learn. Please do not sell our country to the highest bidders!!!

  6. I think we need to salute both PF & UPND for what they have done for country, example:

    (1) PF brough brought infrastructure which we are seeing in many places today, though some raised some & cost & quality issues especially Tokyo Road here in Lusaka anyway 70% are good projects
    (2) UPND is also trying very hard to rebuild a broken economy with huge debts by negotiating with our official creditors and also build new infrastructure by using PPP model

    The intention of both were good, yes mistakes were made but they are all human not saints

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