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PF Suspends Davies Chama, Miles Sampa, and Others Amid Disciplinary Charges


In a bold move, the Patriotic Front (PF) has suspended several prominent party members, including Hon. Davies Chama, Hon. Miles Sampa, and more, who are currently facing disciplinary charges. These actions were announced on October 22nd, 2023, in Lusaka.

Effective immediately, the PF has temporarily removed several key figures from their positions within the party. Those affected by these suspensions include the Patriotic Front National Chairperson, Hon. Davies Chama, Chama South MP, Hon. Davison Mung’andu, Matero MP, Hon. Miles Sampa, and Mafinga MP, Hon. Robert Chawinga.

Regarding Hon. Miles Sampa’s suspension, the party took a stern stance. Sampa faces fresh disciplinary charges after a controversial incident on September 15, 2023, when he and his supporters stormed the Party Secretariat, resulting in property damage. Furthermore, Sampa has been stripped of his role as Chairperson of Local Government within the party.

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, Chairperson for Information and Publicity and a Member of the Central Committee of the PF, issued a statement about these actions. He said, “The decision to suspend these senior members is not taken lightly. It is essential to maintain discipline and integrity within our party. The actions of Hon. Miles Sampa and others were regrettable, and we must uphold our party’s values.”

The Central Committee of the PF has issued a directive to the Disciplinary Committee, urging them to expedite the hearing process of these disciplinary matters. The goal is to complete the process within a one-month timeframe.

Hon. Given Lubinda, Acting President of the PF, expressed his deep concern during the Central Committee’s meeting in Lusaka. He stated, “The rise of indiscipline in our party is alarming and unacceptable. It is troubling that some of these incidents involve senior party members. Rest assured, we will act firmly to address this issue. Those responsible will face the consequences of their actions.”

Additionally, the Central Committee is addressing various critical matters during its meeting in Lusaka, including the determination of new dates for both the Constitutional and Extra-Ordinary General Conference.


  1. When Miles Sampa put up all those stunts I wondered where the National Chairman was because he’s in charge of the Party. Davies Chama had been conspicuously quiet. He’s one of the few sober persons in the PF. The rest have moved on. They’re no longer in the Boat. I wish them a peaceful disintegration. Let no panga play a role

  2. The problem with Sampa is that he’s too childish. Time Lungu became president him and Mulenga Sata became Upnd snitches and eventually left the party. Sampa went on his knees to rejoin the PF to become Lusaka mayor.
    Davis Chama it’s on principle…he doesn’t support the ALEBWELELAPO nonsense like the Nakachinda muppets.

  3. It has taken this long because to avoid a breakup appeasement took centre stage for the Miles and Metres. Now there is nothing to preserve, but to crack the whip regardless of whats gonna crack and break.

  4. Don’t comment on things you don’t know. Eembwa imwe! We call this operation clearing out the swamp. 2026 here we come.

    • Once again KZ sipping on some butt soup. No one takes this gang of thieves seriously. So Davies Chama has shunned the gang and is missing meetings and then people have caught feelings.

    • Carry on clearing out the swamp
      but i suspect when you finished clearing there will be nothing left
      there is no secret whats going on in PF so dont pretend you know something we dont
      as its clear as DAY

    • I have officially suspended @Kaizar Zulu’s big mouth chifukwa nthawi zonse akamatsegula zake zimakhala ngati zinyalala.

  5. Interesting how people fight for carcasses of late parties, parties which should be resting in peace. And why not handle your disintegration activities quietly.

  6. Apart from that blemish of that shooting incident in Mulobezi, though I do not know how the case progressed, I think like most people do that Davies Chama is sober minded and well measured. He should not be punished for simply having a different opinion from the central committee over ECL please

  7. Even without a sobriety test to tell us who is drunk, Chamah and Sampah are aiming at one thing. The party expelled them to show the official position of PF about EL as per the resolutuon: He is reserved for the ballot. EL is neither retired nor proscribed by law. If EL fails to make it beyond 2026, it is not for UPND to assess or prescribe.

  8. PF is finished, all these political antics are like vultures and hyenas descending on the carcass of a dead animal, it stinks.

  9. Of Course KZ knows better but we are all witnesses to this PF clean up, so we shall wait and see how it will end…….

  10. ECL should do the decent thing and come out in the open regarding his political ambitions.

    He should not continue drawing his pension benefits when he has not retired from politics.

    This dishonest behaviour is, however, not surprising. It defines who the man really is.

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