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President Hichilema Pays Respects to Late Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande


President Hakainde Hichilema has extended his heartfelt condolences to the family and the nation as a whole following the passing of former Minister of Finance and National Planning, Ng’andu Magande. The President described the late Mr. Magande as a dignified, hardworking man who had left an indelible mark on Zambia.

President Hichilema lauded Mr. Magande for not only his strong work ethic but also his unwavering honesty in serving the country. He emphasized that Mr. Magande had conducted himself in a highly professional manner while carrying out his duties, setting an example that young people should strive to emulate.

The Head of State expressed his deep sense of loss and highlighted that Mr. Magande’s departure was not only a profound tragedy for his family but also for the entire nation. The late Mr. Magande’s contributions to the country, particularly in the field of finance and planning, were described as invaluable.

During his visit to the funeral house in Lusaka’s Chilanga area, President Hichilema took a moment to reflect on the late Mr. Magande’s remarkable career. He thanked God for the opportunity to serve the nation, beginning from parastatal organizations to central government.

President Hichilema underscored the importance of cherishing individuals who demonstrate a strong work ethic and uphold integrity in their public and private endeavors. He encouraged young people to draw inspiration from Mr. Magande’s exemplary life as they navigate their own paths.

At the funeral house, President Hichilema was welcomed with traditional dances and songs, reflecting the respect and reverence for the departed former Finance Minister.

Ng’andu Magande’s final resting place will be at Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka, where he will be laid to rest on October 27, 2023.

Several prominent figures, including Vice President Mutale Nalumango and Dr. Nevers Mumba, expressed their heartfelt condolences and deep respect for the late Mr. Magande. His passing has deeply touched the nation, with many acknowledging his significant contributions to Zambia and his exemplary public service.

Dr.Nevers Mumba signs the book of condolence in honour of the late former Finance Minister Ngandu Magande.
Vice President Mutale Nalumango at the funeral house of the late Former Finance Minister of Ngandu Magande
Socialist Party President Fred Mmembe visits the funeral house of the late Former Finance Minister Ngandu Magande


  1. Mangande’ s funeral could have been dignified if it was healed in his village. Not these funerals of Lusaka where a widow has chance to take shower 3 times a day!! And the food is from catered, pizzas and spaghetti!!

  2. Indeed Magande was patriot. Few days before his demise, he made an important revelation to the nation about the loans by some individuals that are still sitting at DBZ. They’ve decided to liquidate DBZ in the same manner they did Lima Bank. Today Nawakwi is in Court accused of abduction because of her revelations on Lima Bank. One day God will answer our prayers and expose them for what they are. Fare you well Ng’andu Magande

  3. Crocodile tears from hh. This cow hh is bust terrorising opposition yet he wants to show like he cares. He only cares for himself. Fuseke

    • I will stop anyone who tries to stop PF from cannibalising and destroying themselves. Kalya-Nyoko Kaizer Zulu and his party deserve to be in Chimbokaila for taking Zambia from being the debt-free country the best finance minister, Ng’andu Magande, made it to become to the hopeless and helplessly indebted country that these tribalists have made it become. PF found Zambia with almose zero in debt, and with their thieving mentality, the looted the $3.8 billion it had in reserves, and then saddled with an unpayable $31 billion in debt. Kalya-Nyoko Kaizer Zulu should be a kaili in Chimbokaila for this.


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