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ECL Should Start From Ward Level – MP Chabinga


Patriotic Front (PF) Mafinga Member of Parliament, Robert Chabinga, has offered counsel to former President Edgar Lungu regarding his aspirations within the PF. He emphasized that adhering to the party’s constitution is of utmost importance when aspiring for leadership positions, recommending that Mr. Lungu start from the grassroots level within the party’s Ward structures.

Chabinga pointed out that the PF constitution stipulates that individuals who have previously resigned from the party structure must adhere to a three-year waiting period and initiate their political journey from the Ward level. He cited the example of Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, who had previously left the PF and had to respect the waiting period before seeking office within the party again.

Chabinga expressed his views during a press briefing held in Lusaka. He asserted that former President Lungu should abide by the party’s rules, ascend through the Ward level, and progress to the national level within the party.

Yesterday, former President Lungu made an official announcement regarding his return to active politics, sparking discussions and debates within the PF.

Furthermore, Robert Chabinga categorically rejected claims that the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) funded the recent PF Conference during which Miles Sampa was elected as the party’s President. He denounced assertions made by certain PF members that the UPND and State House played a role in Sampa’s rise to power as false.

In addition to offering guidance on PF leadership and dispelling funding allegations, Robert Chabinga urged the police to take swift action against individuals or groups that hold political events under the banner of the Patriotic Front without the endorsement of President Miles Sampa.

Chabinga also emphasized the need for the government to expedite the fight against corruption. He expressed concerns that the ongoing fight against corruption had been protracted, with limited progress in the prosecution of individuals involved in corrupt practices.

The dynamics and developments within the Patriotic Front continue to evolve and elicit discussions among political figures, party members, and the general public. The future trajectory of the PF and the political aspirations of its prominent members will undoubtedly remain subjects of interest and scrutiny in the coming months.


  1. This chabinga boy is a loser. It is well known that his wlfe is sleeping around because he struggles to keep his ka thing up. There is a lot more about him that I know but I will end there.

    • ECL afufya na pakanwa. Njala, ndi mimba yake yokha yomwe ilibe kanthu.
      PF thugs and all its party thieves, there will be no more PF in the Zedian govt. Just go back to the land.
      By the way, PF enjoyed gassing the Zambian citizens.

    • Black mamba provide evidence of gassing. You cannot because it was all part of upnds scheme to destabilise our country. Hh eeeembwaa fye

    • Which big man sits like that in Zambia? Putting your shoes where you are sitting? Such an indisciplined person cant be a leader

    • It’s only garden boy who seats on a sofa like Lungu when the owner of the house is away.
      And this guy was president of the nation of Zambia, that’s why Jesus whipt.

    • What about you who adopted twins because you could not keep it up to make your own, nkala chabe ziii wena Kainyokolile!

    • but the secretariate closed the receiving of applications fo pf presidency. how is ecl going to apply if pf is also ruled by laws

  2. When ECL retired from active politics some have taken it that he’d resigned from the PF and that’s how dull many of the people in politics are. Such are the dimwits that make important decisions on behalf of Zambians. Do you expect the nation to make progress? As for the desperation that’s being exhibited by the UPND, the prospects of a bloody election in 2026 are very high. I feel sorry for the youth because I don’t know what the future holds for them. It’ll be worse than the gassing, blowing up of pylons, bombing of schools and tribal murders that we witnessed in 2015 and 2016. God have mercy on Zambia

  3. Yes Lungu has made a wrong move but Robert Chabinga should show some respect for him. People like me who have not benefited from ECL can call him all sorts of names but not Robert Chabinga whose being nominated for parliament elections depended on ECL. They were ready to do anything just to be adopted. Sampa did the same but in long run he was ready to eat anything for readmission to PF.

  4. Apa nomba elyo yawama for the sleeping giant to wake up. We cant be buying mealie meal at k300/310,fuel K30 dollar kwacha 22 plus and the graph is showing it will reach K30.Only those who are not patrotic zambian will disagree.The democratic space has been compromised.

    • but the secretariate closed the receiving of applications fo pf presidency. how is ecl going to apply if pf is also ruled by laws

  5. This stupid boy should be so stupid.Infact he will be arrested and be jailed in 2026You’re mad.U get streets kids and UPND to have a convension.Are u normal?

  6. They are scared of ecl. The powerful team is back. I am on the ground doing what I do best. 2026 someone will cry in t0nga badaaala

  7. My understanding is that Mr. Lungu resigned as a PF PRESIDENT, but not as a MEMBER. So, as much as I agree that for him to become the PF president again he has to be voted in at a conference, I do think he has all along been a PF member so there is no need for him to “wait for three years ” to be accepted back in PF.
    What do the legal experts say?

  8. No police manpower for opposition public rallies but plenty of police manpower to protect spoiler Sampa. Sampa after being used by the Upnd you will be discarded like sampo which has gone sour.

  9. Zambians are experts at making things up…especially things they don’t understand. We tend to bend rules and act on impulse instead of creating good laws that can stand the test of time. Why ku zondana so? Let the man run and if the people like him them so be it. Otherwise don’t impose your own will on the people. We know how Zambians reacted to a third term bid for Chiluba. You politicians cannot fool the people anymore. They have mobile phones now to remind them of your promises.


  11. A lot of hypocrites and double tobelas in Zambia, am not PF but people like Chabinga should be the last one to demonize ECL

  12. Galu eat galu politics, imbwa have s&x with blood relatives politics in Zambia. Voetsek.

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