Friday, May 24, 2024

US firm Landlock signs deal with Ministry of Defence to build 5,000 kilometers of road


U.S. company LANDLOCK Natural Paving, Inc. signed a five-year Joint Venture agreement with the Zambia National Service under the Ministry of Defence to build 5,000 kilometers of road in Zambia that will run through all 10 provinces of the country.

The construction is scheduled to begin in March or April of 2024 contingent on weather conditions.

Defence Minister Ambrose Lufuma and U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Michael Gonzales attended the signing ceremony where LANDLOCK CEO Mike Kostorowski said, “We are incredibly humbled by the warm reception of our Zambian partners and their enthusiasm for our road building technology. We anticipate an aggressive development plan with significant investment into supply chain management, training, and certification. “

“The socio-economic impact will extend far beyond the Zambian jobs that are created in road construction – this program will accelerate growth and prosperity for all sectors.”

This project will provide major benefits to the Zambian people under President Hichilema’s Rural Connectivity Project which focuses on rehabilitating old roads and constructing new ones, greatly improving valuable transportation routes.

The Rural Connectivity Project, in collaboration with the Constituency Development Fund, will provide safe and efficient road systems that promote regional travel.

The agricultural sector will particularly benefit through the enhanced ability to transport produce, greater accessibility for workers, and the opening of new markets.

This project is another example of harnessing U.S. private sector technology and ingenuity in partnership with the Zambian people to drive economic growth.

LANDLOCK provides infrastructure solutions that reduce the waste of time, money, and the environment commonly associated with traditional road construction methods.

The U.S. government is committed to working closely with Zambia to attract U.S. private sector investment, recognizing that businesses and local communities – much more than governments – drive investment, job creation, and economic growth.

Accountable American companies create quality jobs, provide professional development for their staff, and improve the overall business environment by promoting legal compliance and transparency, while combating corruption.


    • Yeah the reporters need to do their job properly by asking these guys what roads are going to be worked on, new or old and then give us a map showing the projected roads. Dont be lazy

  1. 3 Whites with 19 Zambians!!!
    In which State is that registered, I can’t find it. His name sounds like guy who do landscaping in my neighborhood. I was telling a one man company who paved my drive way the same thing, go to Zambia government with pictures of my driveway (20 meters), they will give you a contract of kilometers long road. I won’t be surprised if it’s him, looks as the guy standing in middle of thousand soldiers in pic.

  2. White collar criminals. The Ministry of Defence isn’t a procurement entity for roads as that function lies with that of Infrastructure through RDA. One day birds shall come home to roost

    • Stupyd idyot. Anyone who has ever been to the US knows that all the major infrastructure, that is not likely to generate profit, is built by the army corp of engineers. This is true of major earthworks, civil dams, river levees, rural roads etc. The reason is that it is less costly to employ people who are already in government employment to do a job that to hand it to private profiteers. What Zambia National Service needs to do is to organise an engineering corps so that it is involved in all aspects of the project from design to construction, that way we can get transfer of skills and knowledge. As an engineer, I can tell you that this is a fantastic idea; and because it is being doing through the government, there is almost no chance of corruption

    • No the US military corp dont build all major infra-structure. They focus on Military construction. While the Corps of Engineers is a significant player in infrastructure projects, it is just one of many entities involved in building and maintaining non-profitable infrastructure in the United States.

    • The list includes: 1 State Departments of Transportation: Each state has its own Department of Transportation responsible for planning, designing, building, and maintaining transportation infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.
      2 Local Government Agencies.
      3 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs): 4 Public Transit Authorities: 5 Port Authorities: 6 Public Utility Commissions: 7 Public Housing Authorities: 8 Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA): 9 Private Construction Firms and Engineering Companies: 10 Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations: etc etc

  3. The road from Lusaka to Ndola is just about 322km and we know how much it’ll cost. Now a contract of 5,000 has no figures mentioned. HH has just killed an elephant and the carcass is still big, so it’s free for all close to him to take their shares but we’ll definitely notice them. Take this deal to ZPPA if you aren’t hiding anything

    • There are no shares to take. We do not think like you, that every venture is an opportunity to steal. If HH wanted to be corrupt, he could have privatised the whole project, as you do. However, he put it under the national service because it will be under government management and scrutiny. Parliament will be able to ask for the numbers and get them. Private profiteers, relatives and tribesmen will not be awarded contracts they are not qualified for. This a US company to a government organ. The US company has no Zambian business men to bribe. This idea is fantastic, and in keeping with the way HH runs the government, every province, not just those in the north and the east, will benefit.

  4. I really don’t like this ambassador, he is the catalyst to our destruction. This man is dismantling the Zambian MOD piece by piece. If you want to train ZNS on road construction, send them to the US. This deal smells fishy.

    • That ambassador is evil. It will be good news if sleepy Joe Biden loses next year’s election. He’s doing everything to prevent Trump from standing.

    • He’s an economic hit man, if you have come across that description. Yankees through AFRICOM will defend HH the way he’s defending Miles Sampa. The difference is that they can’t stop the will of the people. One day they’ll abandon HH they have gotten what they want. They did the same to FTJ and the man spent his retirement in courtrooms. That’s who the Yankee are. 5,000km of roads contract isn’t small money. It’s more than we owe the Chinese

    • Some idyots’ minds? Sending ZNS officers to learn to drive a bulldozer? Stop insulting our institutions.
      The arrangements is right, let just 1 American supervise, he will train on site. It takes just 5 kms to learn what need be done for rest of 5000kms. 10 Americans can build 100km road in 1 month, believe it or not, THEY WORK!!!!

    • No. There is no worthwhile Ministry of Defense in Zambia to dismantle. The Americans are very strict with their money and they know that the current Zambian RDA system is corrupt and unaccountable. By ceding this project to the National Service, the ambassador is trying to replicate what happens in America, where the Army Corps of Engineer has built the bridges, dams, river levees, power stations, and other infrastructure that though necessary, does not present lucrative profit opportunities for the private sector. By giving this to the ZNS, the American company is dealing directly with the Zambian government, through the military. This is a fantastic idea which mitigates opportunities for corruption and facilitates technology transfer

  5. Help me understand this deal: Why wouldnt ZNS go it alone? Are the Americans providing the capital? Or are they providing the expertise?

    • Yes. The Americans are providing the expertise. The whole idea is to transfer the expertise to the Zambia National Service. What HH needs to do is to set up National Service Corp of engineers who will be involved in the project from design to implementation. This is where UNZA, and particular my old school of engineering comes in. We need to take a group of graduate engineers, and sit with the Americans so that they can learn. Engineering is about using science to solve problems found in nature. This way, these young people will be there when the questions are asked, and when the are answered. The will be able to see how the Americans implement solutions to those problems on the ground. This will be the most invaluable part of this project.

    • If thats the case they are not needed because ZNS already has the expertise. What I think they may not have is capital because they get droppings from ZAF and ZNDF for their budget. In any case road construction is not a very complicated task to require American help-unless one wants to build 9 highways over Lusaka

  6. What’s the cost? Who is funding or where is the money coming from? What has ZNS or ministry of defence got to do with roads? Is ministry of infrastructure now irrelevant since line ministries will do their own projects with their own funding? Too many questions, too few answers. It boggles the mind!

  7. It’s poor journalism. All these questions need to be answered before publishing. Or was the reporter in a hurry for a feelgood story ?

  8. When people react very angrily just know that there’s something terribly wrong. Information has emerged that the deal is worth US$5BN. Five Billion Dollar deal without following tender procedures! Lungu was a thief but has never been mentioned in Panama Papers

    • and since when did American companies do roads in Zambia? Even if they want to involve ZNS why sign the deal with the Ministry of Defense and not with the appropriate ministry like transport and communication or whatever ministry oversees infrastructure
      ? We need to be careful with some of these things.

  9. I am not comfortable with this. When did a US company ever do roads in Zambia or indeed any country in Africa? We need to tread carefully with some of these things.

  10. Biden also recently announced that the US will build a railway line to link Angola, DRC and Zambia. It’s all about geopolitics and exploiting our resources. We should start doing things on our own instead

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