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Lightning kills pregnant woman


Lightning has killed an expectant mother leaving another person injured in Ikelenge district, Northwestern Province.

The tragic incident happened during a heavy downpour on Saturday, November 4, 2023 around 18 hours in Muweji village in Chief Ikelengi’s Chiefdom.

Northwestern Province Police Commanding Officer, Dennis Moola has confirmed the incident.
Mr. Moola identified the victim who died on the spot as 29-year-old Mary Ilunga adding that the deceased was together in the same house with her sister Metrude Ilunga aged 25 who sustained severe burns.

The Police Chief said following the incident the two sisters were rushed to Muweji Rural Health Post where Mary who was three months pregnant was pronounced dead.

Mr. Moola said the other victim Metrude Ilunga has since been referred to Kalene Mission Hospital where she is receiving medical treatment for severe wounds on her face, right arm and other parts of the body.

Meanwhile, Acting Ikelenge District Commissioner, Vincent Kwalomboa has confirmed that the deceased and her unborn child have been put to rest in Ikelenge today.

Ikelenge district has in recent times been experiencing a higher than usual occurrence of heavy downpours and storms, leading to increased risks of lightning strikes.


  1. Bolts of lightening are common in such communities. It’s likely that the pregnancy was for a married man and the wife decided to sort out matters using lightening. Unless you live among these people, you’ll not understand that there’s a kind of code of conduct that’s followed. The locals even know the reason and who’s responsible

    • Stop promoting superstition and backwardness. The science is well-established and has been for centuries.

    • I’m not a missionary, I’ve just traveled and lived with almost all ethnicities in Zambia. Whatever you the facts remain that many Zambians are superstitious. How many followers has Seer 1 and how listen to his broadcasts? How many Zambians went to Temitope Joshua? How many are going to Kakande in Uganda?

    • Levels of superstition in Zambia are very high. It’s the reason Nigerian religious and non-religious conmen have found the country a fertile hunting ground. I have never heard of Kakande in Uganda. I cannot understand why no government in Zambia has realised that we have a serious problem of high superstition levels. No country can take off economically where people are looking for miracles instead of verifiable, testable and repeatable knowledge.

  2. Such never happened under our rule. We had a ministry for religion. Now under this evil regime they are sacrifice people


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