Monday, June 17, 2024

Authorities in Zambezi District Caution Public About Anthrax Outbreak


Zambezi District officials have issued a warning to the local community, especially in the Chitokoloki area under Chief Mpidi in Northern Western Province, against consuming uncertified beef products. The alert comes in response to the ongoing anthrax outbreak in various parts of the country.

Zambezi District’s veterinary officer, Jacob Kampapilo, urged residents to be cautious about meat products being sold in the area. Anthrax is a highly lethal disease, and it is crucial for the public to exercise vigilance regarding the consumption of meat products.

Dr. Kampapilo revealed that his team had intercepted a dead cow in the Chitokoloki area, suspected to have succumbed to anthrax. While definitive confirmation of anthrax is pending further laboratory tests, preliminary post-mortem results indicate symptoms associated with the disease.

“We cannot definitively say it is anthrax at this point. We are conducting our own lab tests, and once we have the results, we will be able to determine the cause of death, whether it is anthrax or another disease,” stated Dr. Kampapilo.

He also assured the public that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of local communities. In addition to raising awareness and educating residents about anthrax, the Ministry will continue to conduct routine inspections to prevent the further spread of the disease. Authorities emphasize the importance of staying informed and cautious regarding meat products during this time.


  1. This what happen when you have a useless president and government who are more occupied with destroying opposition than serving the people. I pray the anthrax goes to hh farms. Fuseke!!

  2. Instead of just cautioning villagers, authorities should be proactive in helping villagers prevent the cattle from being attacked with anthrax. Prevention is better than cure. Now that we know there is Anthrax, what is the relevant veterinary services doing to vaccinate cattle in all affected areas. This is the news we want to hear and not just cautioning!

  3. In response to an article by Binwell Mpundu in ZO indicating his problem with a law intended to make cattle theft non bailable, Binwell should not use an argument about open grazing. Cattle is not stolen amongst cattle owners using open grazing areas. These cattle owners know their cattle and know each other. The huge problem is from thieves who steal cattle to sell in urban areas. Mpundu if you have not lived in open grazing areas, dont use open grazing areas as an argument against making a law which will make theft of cattle non-bailable. Perhaps you have other arguments. Cattle is a direct lifeline to people especially in rural areas that keep cattle. I post these comments here as ZO doesnt allow me to post comments. Stupid ZO!!


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