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Government Refutes Claims of Shrinking Democratic Space


The New Dawn Government has insisted that democratic space in Zambia is not shrinking as suggested by some opposition political parties and civil society organisations.

Featuring on ZNBC TV’s Sunday Interview, Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe declared that the democratic space was not worsening in the over two years the UPND has been in office.

Mr. Haimbe noted that the period before the UPND Administration took office cannot be equated to the democratic space prevailing now.

“Grevasio, nobody expects that we will have a perfect administration. We are not going to profess that we are perfect. In fact, we are just above two years of being in office. They would be bound to be mistakes made but that cannot equate to saying that the democratic space is shrinking. Considering that the baseline where we could possibly compare is from the point that we took over office,” he said

“If you are to take that period prior to us taking over administration and take this period where we are in office you will then be saying that is where the baseline is set and if you are to look at where we are coming from (laughs) Grevasio, I am sorry it is actually laughable to say the space has shrunk. You would then be suggesting that in this administration of the UPND there have been instances worse than what transpired in the past, recent or distant past,” Mr. Haimbe said.

Lusaka lawyer Jonas Zimba last week charged that what is currently happening in the country, especially to the opposition PF, points to a shrinking democratic space.

Meanwhile, VICE-President Mutale Nalumango says she does not see any shrinking of the democratic space under the new dawn government.


  1. The democratic space in Zambia has actually expanded.
    Zambians has never had so much freedom.
    One piece of evidence that the Zambian democratic space is actually expanding, people wearing red clothing can now go about their business and exercise their democratic right without being brutalised. maimed or killed.
    Before this government took over Zambia was the most politically violet country in Africa. Not anymore, how can this be a shrinking of democracy?
    The noise we are now hearing is the PF rabble, hooligans and miscreants who are lawless and still believe they can break the law at will. This country is now a law-abiding country.

    • Can the same ZNBC TV’s Sunday Interview, feature the same topic with say Sean Tembo, Nakacinda or Fred Mmembe? That would be a demonstration of unshrunk democratic space

    • Ba LT; John Sangwa, Zambia’s heavyweight lawyer, was on Radio Phoenix today Why arent you telling us what he said??????

  2. How many public opposition meetings have you allowed against the number of notices given to the Police? Examine such statistics before you defend anything otherwise we’ll think that you’re insane. It’s not always that you issue counter statements even when it doesn’t make sense.

    • Ask yourself how many times HH was allowed to go to a radio station without being brutalized by Dictator Edgar Lungu`s thugs. Lungu was a killer of Democracy.

    • @Dinda HH was not voted into office on the platform of “an eye for an eye” It was to correct the wrongs in the previous government. PF is history so stop using them as an excuse for your attitude of revenge.

  3. Democracy has expanded so much that some people who do not know what democracy is are clearly being seen going to places without formal invitation. Those who understand democracy are busy organizing themselves within the hospitality of democracy. Democracy is about understanding, respecting institutions and communicating with each other in a more sensible and humanly manner.

  4. Shrinking from what level to which one? Someone tell me which freedom EVERYBODY used to enjoy which has since been removed under current administration?

  5. Politicians are generally dishonest. And once they get into power their dishonesty is seen all the more. This is the case with both UPND and PF.
    There is very little difference between the two. Corruption, caderism, tribalism, fear of your own shadow. Its all there. It is not for nothing that the bible says “cursed is the man who puts his trust in man”.
    Those of you whose hope is in UPND or PF to save you from your troubles are putting yourselves under this curse.

  6. @Deja Vu Since you seem to be the only informed blogger here, can you tell us what John Sangwa has said about the UPND government today on Radio Phoenix?

    • In a nutshell

      Speaker of the National Assembly Nellie Mutti, has violated the Republican Constitution on the appointment of Leader of the Opposition and other matters. General administration of Parliament has gone rogue!

      Statutory Instrument No.592 passed by the Minister of Home Affairs giving new powers to the Registrar of Societies is illegal and bogus.

      The attacks on the Opposition Patriotic Front are an affront to the Republican Constitution and undermines the character of Zambia as a multiparty democracy.

      UPND has lamentably has failed. I still give them an “F”.

    • And as I predicted she has suspended seventeen opposition MPs for one month. If you do your arithmetic she’s left enough numbers to pass bills without a hitch. Next will be the presidential term.

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