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Tom Mtine Dies at 97


The first black African to run the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) after independence Tom Mtine has died in Ndola at the age of 97.

His eldest son Hastings Mtine has told Radio Icengelo News that Mtine died on Tuesday morning at his home in Northrise, Ndola after an illness.

“He died today around 11:30 at home here in Ndola. He was recuperating at home. He had been in hospital. We took him back home and that is where he was recuperating from but he was 97 years old,” Hastings said.

Mtine is scheduled to be buried on Wednesday morning in his home village called Lukalo situated in Chief Munukwa’s area of Chipata.

“We are following his wishes. His wish was that he should be buried in Chipata at the village next to his parents and in accordance with the Muslim rituals because he was a Muslim. That is why you have seen us moving so quickly because it has to be done within a very short space of time. We are going to Chipata right now,” Hastings added.

Meanwhile, the Government has airlifted Mtine’s body from Ndola to Chipata in the company of his family.

He was an honorary member of the Confederation of African Football.

Mtine was awarded by FIFA at its centenary celebration in 2004 for his contribution to the sport in Zambia.


  1. Great Zambian. Reigned over a normal FAZ and helped the association a lot.(I knew him but didnt know he was moslem) The beggars in Ndola knew him very well and would patiently wait for him to come out of his office for a bountiful handout. RIP Great Man I hope Chipolopolo honours you by qualifying to the World Cup!

  2. Hey people, Mr Mtine has a far richer history and achievements than you mention. He was a giant, MSHRIP. Please give him his fitting obituary.

    • @Ben Msiska, I did not expect the announcement of his death to be a small headline under sports. If the reporter is younger and knows little about this man, he should have consulted the achieves or older poeple. He was also the first black mayor of Ndola among his credentials…

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