Friday, March 1, 2024

Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Visits Zambia


State House welcomed His Excellency Ambassador Ahmet Yildz, the Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a meeting that celebrated the enduring and cordial relationship between Turkey and Zambia. President Hakainde Hichilema, emphasized the mutual cooperation that forms the foundation of the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

During the meeting, President Hichilema reaffirmed Zambia’s foreign policy pillars of trade and investment, along with a commitment to promoting global peace, security, and stability. The leaders highlighted the need for increased bilateral cooperation and expressed gratitude for Turkey’s ongoing support to Zambia in various sectors, including health, infrastructure, technology, and tourism.

In pursuit of making Zambia a more connected and land-linked country, the President urged the Turkish delegation to advocate for an increase in the frequency of Turkish Airlines flights to Zambia.

Later in the day, President Hichilema hosted a Turkish Business delegation led by Selim Bora Summa, the President of the Summa Group of Companies. The President encouraged the delegation to explore and identify business opportunities that could lead to joint ventures with local enterprises. Zambia, he emphasized, is open for business, and the government is committed to creating a favorable operating environment for all.

The visit of the Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the subsequent business delegation is seen as a significant step in furthering economic and diplomatic ties between Turkey and Zambia. The commitment to identifying collaborative opportunities underscores the shared vision of both nations in promoting development and prosperity.


  1. We will get a lot more of these visits because white people have seen a weak leader who can not protect his people but enslave us by taking selfies. What do the people want with the exchange rate at k23, mealie meal at k300, fuel at k29, fertilizer at k1200 and a dead mining sector. This play boy who never hard a childhood will destroy this country by the time his cadres workup. The ending for the privatization thief will be very painful. The Zambian people always wins. The most confused people today who does not know when they are coming or going are the 2.8million people that saw this man as their messiah.

  2. Turkey: A great friend of Hamas. And also has great relations with Zambia. Someone needs to watch their step as Western observers are watching him

  3. Try and disentangle politics from religion and see if you will succeed. The whole of Eastern Europe has been fighting civil wars the past two decades because of the intermingling of religion and politics.
    The Republicans in America are heavily influenced by the catholics. The Israeli Palestinian war is between Judaism and Islam Examples of religion influenced politics abound

  4. If the Deputy Minister wasn’t a special envoy of the Turkish President, then he didn’t deserve that honour. A Deputy Minister is a very junior official to meet the President unless he’s come to cut shoddy deals. Malanji’s helicopters and the overpriced property that was procured by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were all from Turkey. I don’t know which strong bilateral relations that HH wants to strengthen. Turks have been mentioned in several big scandals lately

  5. When it comes down to begging countries emissaries start coming and treated as super VIP, it is time to write off that country. Zambia is going down rapidly.

  6. We need to work and produce goods and services not just complaining everyday. Remember the president is doing his part. Comments above are way out of this world.

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