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Who is responsible for vetting who sees the President?


A few days ago, a UPND aligned Social media platform, HH7 Gate Keepers Media – Zambia to be precise, asked a few fundamental questions that deserve immediate answers, and we quote; “Who is in charge of clearing of visitors at State House? And who are the organisers of the Presidential golf tournement?”

The outlet further observed that some people seem to be in a frenzy to pose for photos with the President not that they love him like the rest of us, but rather use them as collateral to cut some deals, whether genuine or not, locally or abroad.

What do we make of this?

As it’s not in our nature to easily jump to conclusions, we took it upon ourselves to analyse some of the photos emerging from the inaugural presidential golf tournament. Of course, it was interesting to see a coterie of individuals known to be PF sympathisers or supporters. At least there was a prominent Lusaka lawyer who applied to be adopted as PF parliamentary candidate in one of the constituencies in Lusaka. We also noted with dismay individuals who never missed a single State House function during the PF regime and financed PF big time!

Are the presidential handlers doing enough to shield the president from chancers or individuals with questionable characters who may try to use their connections to State House for financial gains?

Not so long ago, a “gold digger” was given a green light to come in closest proximity with the head of state; shortly, the individual in question found himself at the centre of controversy in the gold scam! Are you being fair to the president? Or indeed to the country?

It’s equally appalling to see “mosicians,” in the words of Lusambo, who openly decampaigned President Hichilema and continuously perforated our ears with the annoying “Alebwelelapo” song being cleared to see the president without any qualms at all!

Do you honestly think PF would have tolerated the Organised Family, artists who’ve always been loyal to HH and UPND, anywhere near State House had they still been in power? What about Kitwe based entrepreneur and hotelier, bayama ba Kaoma (may his soul rest in peace) whose businesses were crippled by the PF regime for supporting UPND; would they have been reasonable enough to give him any contracts? The answer is zero! PF was so evil that they even banned FAZ and all government departments from using his hotel for any of their functions!

What is good for the goose must equally be good for the gander! It’s high time the UPND leadership started investing in reward systems for individuals and organisations that sacrified or suffered for the party….. we’ve in mind those foot soldiers who’re patiently waiting for benefits of belonging to a ruling party in the shanty compounds or villages, and not those celebrities ranting or throwing tantrums on social media!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


    • Yeah Kapinga I’m also interested in “Who is responsible for vetting who sees the President?” How can they allow a man with such a long beard to come close to our president? What if he is hiding a gun in that beard?

  1. Any body can see the President for very different reasons. The President must see and meet friends, foes, adversaries, critics and so on because his vote comes from a broad spectrum. And also wisdom is not restricted to people who are with the President only. What type of leadership would that be if meets its own kith and kin only. You must have a deeper understanding of statecraft

  2. I earlier posted that the President is a President for all and must meet both foe and friends alike and point has been moderated out. Imagine

  3. It bogles Kapin’ga that up to now he has not been close enough to the president. All his insults and prejudices are for own favours and self recognition. Wanyala.

  4. This article is so petty.
    While the president is being a president for all Zambians and looking to improve the image of Zambia in the world, you have a small brain person writing this type of nonsense.
    Grow up.
    And then you have the tribal brigade writing more nonsense in the comments.

    • Dont let this bother you.. understand there are a lot of frustrated people on here
      with nothing better to do than criticize instead of ways to better their lives

  5. I didnt know Kapinga was so childish! He severely lacks depth on Political Science but still wants to have a following from the ignorant among us. Or is he just jealous of these guys taking stupid selfies with the president? Firstly Kapinga should understand what is a President. A President presides over all citizens, the ruling party and opposition members.

    • So you cant go hunting for “PF sympathisers or supporters” among his visitors-they are all entitled to enter State House. A “prominent Lusaka lawyer who applied to be adopted as PF parliamentary candidate” is still a citizen and is entitled to visit the president just like any other citizen. If the president agrees to have selfies with him how he uses these is his own legal responsibility. I think Kapinga thinks he could get a job as State House Gate Keeper-but Hamasaka wont allow him to sneak in

  6. I would like Kapinga to advise government to stop collecting taxes from suspected PF sympathizers… how does that sound?

  7. The President is changing politics in Zambia. Please help him do that. He is President for all Zambians even the stinking ones. Love is stronger than hatred. Honey catches more flies.

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