Friday, March 1, 2024

President Hichilema Concludes Successful Saudi-African Summit, Returning to Zambia


President Hakainde Hichilema has safely returned to Zambia after his active participation in the inaugural Saudi-Africa Summit held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The summit aimed to foster stronger economic ties between African nations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. President Hichilema highlighted the potential for job creation and business opportunities, especially for Africa’s young population, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in unlocking Africa’s potential for development.

At the summit, African leaders collectively agreed to enhance economic relations with Saudi Arabia, particularly in industrial and mining sectors, and to increase non-oil exports. The discussions focused on the economic prospects identified in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and Africa’s Agenda 2063.

The meeting acknowledged the existing trade relations between Saudi Arabia and African countries, with the trade volume reaching $45 billion in 2022. Notably, there has been a 5.96% annual growth in Saudi non-oil exports to Africa from 2018 to 2022.

Additionally, both parties resolved to collaborate on advancing the digital economy, emphasizing the importance of streamlining digital solutions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia showcased the success stories of the private sector in digital government initiatives and announced the launch of the Digital Market Initiative (IMPACT) in partnership with the Digital Government Authority and the Digital Cooperation Organization.

The summit, convened on November 10, 2023, was hosted by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and was instrumental in fostering a collaborative framework for economic development between Saudi Arabia and African nations.

Upon his return, President Hichilema expressed gratitude to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the invitation and thanked the citizens of Zambia for their ongoing support and prayers. He conveyed his commitment to strengthening Zambia’s position through global partnerships and collaboration for the nation’s benefit.


  1. Many years ago a friend told me that each time our leaders come from international trips they give a standard responses at airports that their trip was successful, but the lives of the people don’t improve that much. And he wanted a law passed then to stop leaders from saying their trip was successful until achievements were tangible were documented after the trip. I hope and trust that this trip was really helpful. I still have hope

    • Also a job description of those uniformed officers would be nice for us citizens to read. Im sure it does not have a line saying “Saluting the President each time he flies out and each time he flies in”
      I think it has been squeezed in under Major responsibilities

    • Very succesful! While you were at the summit, the Kwacha succesfully hit K24 per dollar and unemployment succesfully increased and the cost of living succesfully shot up

  2. This is all about selling our country to the highest bidder.
    Our copper reserves have already been sold away. Americans trooping in numbers to secure copper, lithium and cobalt reserves. The infamous Oppeihnhaimmer are exploring for our reseves. The chinese have bn promised huge tracks of land. Tony Blair is always flying in and out of Lusaka …for what? Securing his own interests and those of his cronnies. Obasanjo flew in Lusaka to meet with Edgar Lungu….Why? To ensure that Edgar does not mess around with their interests. The country has been sold away to foerign interest. Land and mineras are gone!!!

  3. What are the Saudi,s looking for from us?
    The Saudis have huge oil reserves, But they know soon with electric batteries for cars , the demand for oil will slide. They are therefore wanting to participate in the electric car business. They want a part of the Lithium and cobalt. Watch them!!

  4. Ati successful summit,mscheeeeww . Do you know how many African maids get raped, mistreated or get murdered in this Saudi hellhole ?

    • This Double Hyena does not care. He is interested in his per diem allowance and 20% cut in every mine, land rights and concessions he gives to foreigners.

  5. if you can explain after 60 years what have we done on our own without any assistance maybe I can understand the anti sentiments of marketing our country elsewhere

    • Marketing what? Everyone knows there’s a country called Zambia and what it has. My Boss went to work in Angola diamond mines inspite of the wars there. We have several mines working in the DRC… nobody marketed DRC but because there’s disorder foreigners have taken advantage. People prefer countries that are disorderly like South Sudan..why? Because they are able to do what they want without being disturbed.

  6. All Mighty Father, thank You for this day.I thank You for the GIFT of life and family. I ask that You would guide my path through and through, more specifically, my thoughts, words and actions. Please be with me throughout the day and help me navigate whatever comes my way. Most importantly, help me to reflect and live out my life in a way that is honoring to You. God forgive this sinner hh

  7. Marketing ???
    can someone explain why all large companies and corporates based in Zambia advertise their products on the various media ? when the whole population knows who they are and what they sell yet when the president goes to market Zambia, its called a waste of time as everyone around the world knows where Zambia is
    Shallow thinking I would say

  8. This usel€ss tarmac parade stuff still happens where grown up men and women who are supposed to be busy working parade themselves on the airport tarmac to greet The Supreme Leader!
    We need to change our mentality first before we can dream of developing as a nation. This is a president not King please!

  9. The US presidents come back from int’l trips straight into a helicopter to the White House. No wastage of a throng of public officials time to welcome him back.

    • He would sulk, throw his toys out the pram and fire them. So the service chiefs and others are really at the mercy of Mr Ku2ump@ the small UPND god.

  10. He should be worried at the looks of those generals because they wouldn’t be able to run during a conflict never mind protecting a president. Unfit soldiers on parade looks ridiculous.

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