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Desecrating Sanctity of our House


Seeing a few irascible and choleric individuals, carrying themselves as MPs, attempt to turn our August House into a “Sodom and Gomorrah” on TV has left some of us apoplectic with rage. How dare they desecrate the sanctity of the very citadel of the laws of our land!

According to Wikipedia, in modern politics, and history, parliament is supposed to be a legislative arm of government. Generally speaking, a modern parliament is supposed to have three functions: representing the electorate, enacting laws, and providing oversight to those in government.

Above all, a parliamentarian is not only expected to be knowledgeable and well versed with current affairs, but always steadfast in keeping in line with etiquette and utmost decorum of the House.

Have some of the members of the August House been living up to such expectations, lately?

The answer is obviously a big no! Unfortunately, we seem to have a number of incompetent individuals that are shy of taking to the floor of the House to debate or articulate issues; the only moment you get to hear their voice is when an occasion arises for them to shout “hear! hear!” or some protests of some sorts erupt……and then you’d see them very hyper and vociferous in their demands.

Recently, one prominent Lusaka lawyer claimed that the Speaker has gone rogue! To the contrary, the opposite is the case. We have a number of PF and so-called Independent MPs exhibiting “Kaponya” behaviour in parliament……they harbour vile insults in their hearts; they threateningly poke their fingers in the direction of madam Speaker; spontaneously jump to their feet and aimlessly wander about in the House. And whenever they stand up on points of order most of the time, they lamentably fail to butress such with the specific standing orders, let alone bring up irrelevant issues.

However, most of us are not surprised at such an unfortunate turn of events as some of these individuals either have Skeletons in their closets or deserve to be at Chimbokaila growing cabbage. Apart from one of these MPs storming the Lusaka Central Police and savagely manhandling police officers he found on duty, another one is alleged to have obtained a grade 12 certificate Matero style!

Honestly, do such individuals deserve to be decorated with the sacred title of honourable? We doubt it.

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. I can not finish to read this article because it is absolutely not well articulated especially for us who follow the deliberations in the so called ”August House” which is no longer a August House because of the happenings. It is very sad to see the biasness from some well known individuals whose agenda is to kill the opposition,but sorry to say it will not work and better to concentrate on the reduction of the kwacha and mealy meal because doing so will make the ruling party popular than what they are doing currently by invading the system and trying to capture the system. Thanks to the catholic Bishops.

  2. There are no 2 sides to this
    They are representatives of the people and should show professionalism and ethical behaviour
    nothing more and nothing less

    • My friend I don’t expect you to be objective on this matter. Let me waste a bit of time to show you the side of the coin that you don’t want to see. The speaker doesn’t give chance to the opposition to put their point across. I have compared the previous speakers who were even tougher than the current one. They allowed time to the MPs to finish themselves and referred such to the relevant committees. The current one is ever threatening. She’s not tough… she’s hysterical.

    • The problem with you is that you always debate with hatred and jealousy. If you listened prior to tempers being lost, the Speaker had explained what her duty was and that of the judiciary but the rogue MPs wanted to continue debating. Good riddance to all those suspended.

  3. That upnd moron masquerading as Speaker has reduced the house to a kindergarten. She is treating all opposition Mps as interns at her law firm. Very stupid woman!

  4. Since when did this political and social analyst ever say anything antithetical and contrarily to UPND? He is more of a cadre than a balanced level headed objective commentator. He also knows nothing about parliamentary debates, etiquette or basic duties of the Hon. Speaker. Let’s ward off this Lumbani Madoda dude.

    • And he calls himself a SOCIAL COMMENTATOR? Him and another fellow called Simuuwe have no interest in other people unless they are Upnd.

  5. Supporters of the party of tribalist thieves, murderers and looters do not like the strong and disciplined Madam Speaker. They behave as if the house belongs to them, and she serves at their mercy. They want to import Julius Malema type nonsense into our parliament. I am glad she suspended them, as she can. I hope she arrests them, as she can, if they continue their disruptive and disrespectful behaviour.

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