Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tickets Flying Off the Shelves as Zambia Gears Up for FIFA World Cup Qualifier Against Congo Brazzaville


Excitement is building as Zambia prepares to face Congo Brazzaville in the 2026 Group E FIFA World Cup qualifier at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium this evening. The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) General Secretary, Reuben Kamanga, has confirmed the arrival of the Congo Brazzaville contingent at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, ensuring that the stage is set for a thrilling match.

In a statement released today, Kamanga urged fans to secure their seats by purchasing tickets, emphasizing that they are still available across Shoprite outlets. He expressed gratitude to the supporters who have already purchased tickets and encouraged those who haven’t to join in and be part of the excitement at the stadium.

“We wish to thank fans that have been trooping to various Shoprite outlets to purchase tickets ahead of this evening’s match. We wish to encourage fans that have not yet purchased their tickets to get theirs now and be part of the fun at the stadium,” Kamanga stated.

Amid the fervor surrounding the match, Kamanga appealed to fans to maintain good behavior at the stadium, discouraging the throwing of objects onto the pitch. He emphasized the potential consequences, including heavy fines and damage to the country’s reputation as a host for international matches.

“We have also doubled up on security to ensure that fans sit in their designated areas,” Kamanga assured.

Calling on fans to rally behind the team, Kamanga urged them to fill up the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium and support the players on their journey to victory. The stadium, he noted, has become a fortress in recent games, and the association expects nothing different this time.

“All logistics are in place for the match tonight,” Kamanga assured, instilling confidence in the football community as Zambia gears up for a crucial FIFA World Cup qualifier against Congo Brazzaville.


    • Please attend and enjoy yourself Be assure no one is looking for you
      Its more convienient you stay on the run for now
      Enjoy the game

    • You have nothing to fear if you’re a for real Zambian man. Only those who live in darkness are scared to seen in light. If you have done nothing wrong, none is supposed to harass you in any way.

    • The only reason why the police should arrest you is because you helped to borrow and loot US $31 billion Kamyanga-Nyoko. Otherwise you are too ugly for the police to look at twice.

    • Nega you are just an ugly frustrated tonga upnd f00l hahahah. We won because ecl was there . Hh was scared to attend because he is unpopular.

  1. It’s a shame that the Zambia Police have brought in politics in soccer. Since I was born I have never witnessed a political fight at a soccer match local or international. Things are getting out of hand.

  2. Some have been asleep
    Soccer fans here and especially around the world are known to become violent should things not go their way.
    Nothing has changed..
    Would one prefer no poice presence .. especially with other political parties in dissaray
    What an oppurtunity for them !!

    • That’s soccer hooliganism and has nothing to do with politics…. unless you are suggesting that we have two opposing camps at the game which is absurd.

  3. We won because our father ecl was in attendance. Had it been hh there nga twalusa. We are now drinking and celebrating. The atmosphere was electric with one ecl in the crowd.

  4. ECL just wants to ride on Chipolopolo’s success. Perhaps you’re too young to know that ka Chiluba turned up at Independence Stadium and the crowd cheered him and they booed KK

    • How does Lungu take advantage of the successful win when apart from a cheering and clapping spectator, he was not even playing or choosing players?? Is he standing as FAZ presido? The
      genetic difference between Hechi Hechi and EeCeeEl is that one has been an introvert loner while the other manifests as an outdoor socialiser.

  5. Aside from politics that have failed them, Zambians have been looking forward to something that can unite them. The Ndola much fought for match was a unifier. Thank you for the decisive win.

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