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Miles Sampa Denounces UPND Alliance Claims, Pledges Opposition Vigilance


Miles Bwalya Sampa has vehemently dismissed recent claims suggesting a potential alliance between PF and the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND). Addressing concerns raised by some propagandists through social media and private messages, Sampa clarified that such assertions were baseless and part of a deliberate misinformation campaign orchestrated by individuals with expired political relevance.

Sampa, in a detailed statement, expressed concern over the persistence of false narratives propagated by former PF leaders whose influence waned after the 2021 elections. He accused them of attempting to sustain a presence in the Zambian political landscape by disseminating lies, alleging that their real motive is to divert attention from their dubious activities, including alleged embezzlement of public funds.

“It’s all lies as it’s them that were about to sell PF to a smaller party for their personal gain. Evidence is in the public domain,” stated Sampa.

The PF President emphasized that his allegiance lies with the principles established by PF founder President Michael Sata. He refuted any claims of discussions aimed at diluting PF, asserting that the party’s ultimate goal is to regain governmental power for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Sampa underscored the importance of PF’s role in opposition, emphasizing its role in providing checks and balances on the ruling UPND. He stated unequivocally that an alliance with UPND, especially during his tenure as PF President, is impossible.

“We have an emotional and inescapable duty to one day get the PF back into government where Michael Sata left the boat and hijackers carelessly got it removed from power. This happened purely due to their greed, corruption, and sponsorship of violent cadres into public domains like markets and bus stations,” Sampa affirmed.

The PF President urged genuine party members to disregard the propaganda and remain focused on the party’s objectives. He assured them that PF in opposition serves a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of Zambians.

The statement concluded by acknowledging the possibility that if it is not in the current leadership’s destiny to return PF to power, a future PF leader will eventually achieve that goal. The commitment to the party’s principles and its founder’s vision remains unwavering.


    • He has achieved his double purpose, in league with Double Hyena Hyena.
      1. If I cannot make why shall Lungu and his cohorts shall?
      2. Be paid handsomely by Double Hyena Hyena to destroy PF.

      He played in the hands of Double HH and continue the pretension.
      Ku Sampa, you have thrown the boat in muddy waters. If and when it is retrieved you will never ever board that boat.
      The genuine PF is going to support a coomon candidate for Presidency. You have no role and will be history like Ku pseudo thieving pastor Mumba.

  1. The Problem we joke too much in Africa and especially Zambia…We play too much and it looks like we can’t even govern ourselves…am sure you’ve heard people saying “APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA WAS MUCH BETTER THAN ANC DEMOCRATIC SOUTH AFRICA”…..Zambia 60 years after independence and we still can’t find a way to rule ourselves and create our own wealth….whenever we have challenges we rush to the white man asking for help be it Politically or Financially

  2. Sampa’s strength lies in his mental instability. He can do anything without regrets. He doesn’t care how it ends. He’s however managed to expose the PF instability. They’re so weak that they now look to a finished leader to help resuscitate their political standing. We said it long ago that PF was Sata and Data was PF. I doubt if they’ll last 10 years in opposition. 2026 will separate men from boys

  3. The problem is not the politicians but the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by these comedians. How does this man even find a platform to play to the gallery. It’s beggars belief that we allow such nonsensical.

  4. Whenever has UPND ask this chap for an alliance
    elections are years away, so what is he up to ??
    If it was in writing show us or if verbal name the person
    PF must stop playing cheap politics and sort themselves out

  5. Does Miles have the political clout to command support on the ground? UPND have used him simply to obliterate the biggest party in Zambia, PF. Not even UPND has the grassroot support like that of PF. After the 2021 general elections the PF structures remained intact hence UPND’s fear that PF might bounce back in power in 2026

  6. As if that sellout would come clean. Sampa has always been a childish spoilt little preek. Even our late father MCS knew this and gave him small government position of deputy minister because he knew he was incapable and unloyal.

    Today I continue mourning my brother kunda chani. I am very heart broken. This is a warning to upnd thugs. Leave me alone today unless you want to be cursed

  7. And my honesty appeal to the opposition is to be very objective and factual not being rubble rousers…how do we honestly end up with Emmanuel Jay Banda as an MP…like seriously and he is in Parliament just making noise and you can hardly understand what he is talking about

  8. A few days ago a pathological lair told Zambians that he had met with the USA ambassador to pave a way-forward strategy. Kilometres has not retracted that false statement.
    Recently, one of his cohorts said the rebranded party would accept ministerial appointments from Hichilema. Why is he so quick to play it down and decry a political marriage? He doesn’t even know where he is going in politics apart from carrying lies along with him. Why did he come back from NAREP? Because he can’t initiate anything.

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