Sunday, June 16, 2024

Government Denies Constitutional Amendments


Government has refuted claims of undertaking any constitutional amendments, clarifying that the initiative is being driven by Members of Parliament. Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa addressed the issue, attributing the movement to opposition Independent Whip Emmanuel Banda, who has advocated for parliamentary involvement in local decision-making processes.

Mweetwa emphasized that the proposed amendments, presented in a motion by Emmanuel Banda, pertain to Members of Parliament resuming active participation in local authorities. The motion seeks to involve MPs in decisions related to land allocation and the disbursement of Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The CDF increment necessitates increased participation from MPs to enhance their connection with constituents.

The Chief Government Spokesperson disclosed that Emmanuel Banda, an independent Member of Parliament for Petauke, has officially submitted the motion to the Clerk of the National Assembly. The motion urges the executive to effect constitutional amendments to facilitate the suggested changes.

Mweetwa clarified that the motion would have already been presented in Parliament if Emmanuel Banda had not faced suspension. The proposal aims to foster a stronger link between Members of Parliament and their constituencies by involving them in critical local decision-making processes.


  1. I have never heard of upnd admitting to something and then taking responsibility that is how useless they are. Real people or men take responsibility. Not cowards.

  2. Iwe Mweetwa, even a kindergarten kid can read the script… we have seen it before.. FTJ barring Dr Kaunda from standing as president. The wanton suspension of opposition MPs is part of the scheme. You suspend a certain number and leave only the traitors then start passing unpopular bills.
    Remember life is like a bone, you lick it and drop it.

  3. They surely never admit to any wrong doing uncovered about them. Is it inappropriate to review laws? Remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. Like a pregnancy, it one day will show on the tummy.

  4. This ka small loud boy mweetwa just needs one slap from me. That will reset his brain and shut him up. He is too excited for nothing


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