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EU Commends President Hichilema’s Economic Diplomacy, Pledges Collaboration in Transport Sector


The European Union (EU) has lauded President Hakainde Hichilema’s proactive economic diplomacy efforts, asserting that these endeavors are poised to attract significant investment and foster value addition in diverse sectors across Zambia. This affirmation came from EU Ambassador to Zambia, Karolina Stasiak, during her courtesy visit to Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali in Lusaka today.

Ambassador Stasiak expressed the EU’s keen interest in strengthening collaboration with Zambia, particularly in the transport sector, with a focus on supporting the construction of the Lobito Corridor. The Lobito Corridor is a critical transportation route that connects the landlocked Southern African nation to the Atlantic Ocean, facilitating international trade and economic growth.

“President Hichilema’s economic diplomacy initiatives are creating an environment that is conducive to attracting investments and promoting value addition in various sectors of Zambia’s economy,” Ambassador Stasiak remarked during her meeting with Minister Tayali.

In response, Minister Tayali conveyed his gratitude to the EU for their financial support in conducting feasibility studies for the Lobito Corridor. He highlighted the significance of this support in advancing infrastructure development and enhancing connectivity, which, in turn, contributes to the country’s economic progress.

Minister Tayali further appealed to the EU for continued support in Zambia’s railway connectivity initiatives. Recognizing the EU’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, he emphasized the importance of collaboration in bolstering the nation’s transportation networks, a crucial aspect of Zambia’s economic development strategy.

The Lobito Corridor, once fully developed, is anticipated to play a pivotal role in facilitating trade and commerce for Zambia, providing a vital link to international markets. The EU’s interest and involvement in supporting this project align with broader efforts to enhance regional connectivity and economic integration.

As Zambia continues to engage in economic diplomacy and seeks strategic collaborations with international partners, the EU’s pledge to support key infrastructure projects reflects a positive step towards realizing the country’s developmental goals and strengthening its ties with the European Union.


  1. All this should wait now. The elephant in the room is that a young life, somebody’s child was killed in cold blood in Mufulira, all in the name of controlling smuggling. This is not right. The boy was not even a smuggler and there is no law authorising killing under any circumstance. I expected a very strong reaction from government. If you can not train these people on when or when not to fire a fire arm, simply don’t give them live bullets. How can a young harmless citizen be killed in such a way, just how. This is God’s life, and the Bible is very clear on you shall not kill.

    • Why would any thinking person down vote such a reasonable post? UPND syncomphants! They only have the philosophy that “It doesnt do anything wrong because it is our government”

  2. Not surprising. That is their chola boy who they use to achieve their agenda against Africa. Hh is a mere coon controlled by whltes. Look how excited he gets in their presence. He does not even wear his mj gloves. How long before he starts bleaching like nelli mutti

  3. The troubling nature of African border lines is rooted in their historical origins and the enduring consequences they have had on the continent. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the complexities of African societies, promotes inclusive governance, and supports efforts to foster regional cooperation and integration. By recognizing and addressing the legacy of arbitrary borders, African nations can work towards promoting peace, stability, and prosperity for their citizens and the continent as a whole.

    The European Union knows Africa like the back of the hand than the current administration.

  4. For as long as continue begging for breadcrumbs from the West we will develop as a country and a continent….HH shaking hands with Western leaders is such an achievement..its called Photo op…and that handshake cost US$3 million dollars tax payers money

  5. Since the advent of a liberalized transport sector, it’s been proven as the fastest growing where many Zambians can easily invest. We don’t need investments from Europe in this sector as doing so will pose a serious risk of displacing the many Zambians that have invested their hard-earned money. Anyone that goes out to seek foreign investment in this sector is out of his mind. Do these people really think?

  6. I thought he said he had connection and they his friends were going to pull in 25billion dollars …it was all lies! He lied in short… Lies have short legs. Iam very disappointed.

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