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Government Acknowledges Social Media Propaganda Challenge, Urges Diplomats to Focus on Developmental Achievements


The Chief Government Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, has highlighted the significant challenge of social media propaganda that the Government is currently facing. Speaking to diplomatic staff at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, Mr. Mweetwa expressed concern over the misuse of social media platforms by some Zambians to spread misleading information and undermine the achievements and economic progress made by the government.

Mr. Mweetwa emphasized that it is unfortunate that social media is being used as a tool to sway citizens away from appreciating the substantial efforts and developments accomplished by the government. He urged diplomats to disregard social media propaganda and focus on the tangible results and positive impact that the government has achieved.

The Chief Government Spokesperson, who also serves as the Information and Media Minister, asserted that the government has successfully restored the economy and promoted national unity. He highlighted the transformation in which all regions of Zambia are now actively participating in the country’s comprehensive development agenda.

In addressing the diplomatic staff, Mr. Mweetwa stated, “Unlike in the past, all regions in Zambia are now active participants in the country’s development agenda. We have achieved economic stability and fostered a sense of oneness among our citizens.”

Trevor Sichombo, Charge D’Affaires at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, expressed gratitude to Minister Mweetwa for his visit and for providing the diplomatic staff with updates on crucial developmental matters. The diplomatic community plays a vital role in representing Zambia on the global stage, and Mr. Mweetwa’s address aimed to ensure they are well-informed about the government’s achievements and the challenges it currently faces.

Minister Mweetwa is currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to participate in the African Union Specialized Technical Committee Meeting (STC) on Communication and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The meeting serves as a platform for African nations to collaborate and strategize on matters related to communication and technology, reflecting Zambia’s commitment to regional cooperation and development in these sectors.


  1. Which achievements Mweetwa? Your government ascended to power thru social media and PF never complained at all.

    Just lower the cost of living and it will speak for you. Tribalism is at its highest level in your government.

    National Unity yabufi Mweetwa. Zambians are more divided that before. We can clearly see who comes from which region now!!!

    • Hamasaka has been using social media to scandalize those critical of government. So Mweetwa wants people to fold their arms while Hamasaka destroys their reputation.
      Today it’s not comfortable to visit my club. People now perceive anyone outside certain provinces as enemies of government. They no longer speak in whispers, they openly show you that you are not welcome. Ati unity? My foot. Even bar tenders have been replaced with favored individuals.

    • PF never compained you joking of course
      they still cryiing on social media despite the party being fragmented
      If they united maybe we will take more notice

    • Quote!! … “” The Chief Government Spokesperson, who also serves as the Information and Media Minister, asserted that the government has successfully restored the economy and promoted national unity. He highlighted the transformation in which all regions of Zambia are now actively participating in the country’s comprehensive development agenda. “”

      Mweetwa stop being ridiculous. Where has the economy been successfully restored? Stop hiding behind the tree. Hold rallys and address the millions of unemployed youths across the nation, some with college *Diplomas and *Degrees, and tell them that you have SUCCESSFULLY RESTORED THE ECONOMY. Then hear what they will tell you. Don’t take Zambians to be f00ls. Show some compassion to the unemployed youth.

  2. Mr Mweetwa lives on a different planet.
    Unity? Yes because you are incharge you think you have fostered unity but that’s not what is on the ground.
    National development? You cannot measure that by mere rhetoric. Some provinces received significant development like those magnificent bridges, great roads from Lusaka…I come from Luapula province which is deemed PF leaning but the roads are hell so I fail to understand why Mweetwa wants to show a picture of great development in areas that are PF.

  3. An innocent small boy was murdered in cold blood in Mufulira by ZNS officers and this alone should attract serious attention from our leaders. We can not go back to these cold murders. I expected somebody to scream that I want a report now, and also identify who pulled the trigger on un armed boy. We are going back to the Mapenzi Chibulo, Lawrence banda dark days of the PF regime. Somebody must be fired now but it seems this will be another business as usual. No comment from government it appears

    • A player on the bench will clearly see the mistakes and weaknesses in his colleagues on the pitch. Put him there he gets more lost than the ones he was criticizing. The killing of innocents in the PF were roundly condemned but the trend has continued. The only difference is that the one who used to condemn the former government has gone quiet.

    • Why does the army go into a peaceful township like Kankoyo with guns? It can only be concluded that they went to kill. How do you search for mealie meal with guns? Watch your TV and you will see British Police fighting running battles with unruly soccer fans and other rioters with only batons and water canons. Zambia Army goes into a township with semi-automatic rifles!! They were looking for and inviting trouble. Despite their known verbal diaorhea Mwiimbu and the vocal Lufuma are both silent. We dont vote people into government to kill us!

  4. This ka mweetwa boy has never been beaten that is why he behaves like this. Let him ask garry nkombo how I got him beat at fuel station in his own home town. 2026 I will slap this mweetwa

  5. To say the truth since Kaunda left the stage politicians who preach One Zambia One Nation became extinct. Present day politicians do not appreciate our diversity and the potential that lies therein. They are in politics for what they can get out of it not for what they can contribute to the nation. Why have unity messages completely dissappeared from political speeches? Its because our politicians only think about themselves and never the people. People are using tribe to protect their nests yet they are contributing nothing to the tribe or nation. Wake up Zambia. Rwanda is not very far

  6. If we want to develop Zambia we all have to be Zambian Patriots…..When PF was in power UPND were rabble rousers and wanted things to get worse and PF to fail….fast forward 2023 now UPND is in Power so PF have become rabble rousers and they’re praying for things to get worse and UPND to fail……and 500 years from now Zambia will still be far from Developing

  7. @in Politics for what I can get
    I agree with you 100%…..Zambia will only develop if we all work together as Zambians…LETS ALL UNITE….we have so much resources but because of hatred and divisions we end up going to beg for breadcrumbs from IMF….Tourism alone if managed properly is able to clear all Zambia’s debt….but we are so divided we can’t even see the wealth we have in our own backyard

    • # Anonymous

      I totally agree with you all your comments above. It will take Zambians to develop the nation. Right now the nation is suffering from, *Quarreling *Blame-Games and *Laziness.

  8. @ Independent Observer
    Also not forgetting working with our close neighbors…Namibia..Botswana…Zimbabwe..
    Mozambique…Malawi…Tanzania…DRC…Angola….but unfortunately Politicians and leaders in all these countries just think of their bellies and their own pockets….if HH really wants to develop Zambia then he should put all Zambians first…same applies to DRC…Zimbabwe..Malawi etc

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