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Popular evangelist Bishop John General arrested for rape


Popular evangelist John Nundwe 51 commonly known as Bishop John General of Matero has been arrested and detained for allegedly raping a married woman in her matrimonial home.
This was after the 26 year old victim approached the man of God for prayers following her miscarriages.
The Bishop is alleged to have gone to the victim’s home to pray for her but instead ended up raping her.
According to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the incident allegedly happened yesterday between 13:00 and 14:00 hours in Kahale area .
“Brief facts of the matter are that the woman has been having miscarriages every time she conceives. She then visited the same John General to pray for her and told her that the prayers are to be done at their home .
Yesterday at around 09:00 hours, the pastor called the complainant that he would be visiting them for the same prayers and at around 13:00 hours he arrived at their house together with another unknown man,” he said.
Mr Hamoonga said after reaching the victim’s home, Bishop John General allegedly told her that he wanted to check all the rooms as part of the prayers.
He said when the Bishop reached the bedroom, he allegedly forced himself on the woman and had sex with her as he threatened to shoot her if she refused.
“When all this was happening, the other man was waiting in the sitting room.At around 13:30 hours, the husband aged 33 came and found a man in the sitting room. He then greeted him and decided to proceed to the bedroom where he found the pastor naked having sex with his wife,” he said.
Mr Hamoonga said after finding the Bishop in the act, the victim’s husband went outside and locked the gate.
He said upon noticing the presence of the victim’s husband, Bishop John General allegedly ran outside naked and managed to jump the wall fence leaving all his clothes, a cell phone and a motor vehicle Chrysler Registration number BCD 372.
Mr Hamoonga said the other man also ran away.
He said a medical report form has since been issued to the victim while the suspect has been arrested.


  1. The Pentecost Church has become a rogue institution and the soonest we move in to regulate their activities the better. This isn’t freedom of worship. The Registrar of Societies must move in and check what’s happening. All churches registered at PACRA must be deregistered and be advised to apply for registration at the Registrar of Societies

  2. Meanwhile photos of this man meeting hh have also been circulated. Stop lying to yourselves. We are all humans and cannot predict the future. At the point ecl met this man, he had a clean record. Hh and miles will continue meeting him because they lack morals.

    • @Kaizar “Kanyenga-Nyoko” Zulu: “Bishop” John “General” Nundwe is from the same place as you are. He is from the peoples that Chipuba, Satan and Lungu promoted and showed favouritism to. All of a sudden, you are now trying to attach him to HH. No Kanyenga-Nyoko, he is one of yours. He did violently to an innocent woman, what you do willingly, to your eager and wanting mother. So get out of here. If you and your mother have a child, let it be called “Nundwe”, since it is a common name where you come from. You ugly Jabbar the Hutt looking little monster. You and Kambwili are from the same inhuman species.

    • It’s very shameful to say the least. I have examined the circumstances. I find that the woman came up with the rape crap only after the husband suddenly appeared. If he hadn’t come it was going to be life as usual.

    • It’s very shameful to say the least. I have examined the circumstances. I find that the woman came up with the r*** crap only after the husband suddenly appeared. If he hadn’t come it was going to be life as usual.

  3. It was a trap! And the pastor fell for it. The woman was an interested party too. Probably they planned with the husband to charge the pastor with rape. Mwa Hunger Hinde money is hard to come by. Haha

  4. The lady was just abused. She was cheated and agreed. Raping is having forced sex and the victim could have been shouting while in an act and the husband would have heard even before entering the house. In my opinion, it’s like this fake bishop has been in that habbit seducing many ladies.
    Zambians especially ladies are very weak on this part as long as they hear – Bishop, prophet – miracles that’s where they rush thinking they will be assisted.

  5. They were following their impulses and went to make it out.
    We have two immoral and corrupted citizens, but the woman can easily get away with it as a victim of circumstances while the cleric is shamed as a habitual perpetrator.

  6. Who removed the clothes/ a pant of this woman?was she injured on her private part? If she was not injured then she agreed to be hammered.Did the fake prophet used back door or front door? was fake papa got injured on his private part? Pentecost churches frankly speaking they have cheated alot of people.

  7. The woman is the instigator…she lured the Pastor but she will try to as though she is the victim….someone probably told her that if you sleep with the Pastor on your matrimonial bed then you won’t be having miscarriages…you know these gullible fake Prophet followers

  8. @ce n est
    Are you sure she was raped when both took off their clothes….so the Prophet had the time undress….why did she take off her clothes…and the door was not locked and she decided not to run away and call for help….

  9. @iwe
    I thought i was the only one who thought the husband also is involved….nothing surprises me anymore on this earth…..if the husband starts talking about money then its an inside job…..

  10. These re some of the nasty results of that declaration
    You end up creating leeway for bogus clergy, witches, magics and hypnotics under veil of the church

  11. Zambia is NOT a Christian nation. It is a nation of hypocrites, corruption, crooks and conmen. The man who made the declaration went stole someone’s wife. What do you expect? Jesus started his training at 12 years old commissioned his ministry at 30 years old. Died & rose again at 33. 18 year of formation for 3 years of ministry. Today even me and my wife can start a “church” to milk the poor of the little that they have. Zambia politicians and religious conmen, Stop mocking God.

  12. KKKKK JOHN 8:3-9 can someone please study this verse and understand the scripture .Some times it is important not to be fast to speak but to understand the narrative. Think about yourself, are you righteous before God? Begin first by removing your speck in your eyes.

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