Monday, February 26, 2024

President Hichilema Commends UPND Northern Province Leadership


President Hakainde Hichilema, in a message to the UPND party leadership in the Northern Province, emphasized the need for unity, organization, and a relentless focus on development to fulfill the promises made during the election campaign. The President, reflecting on the party’s history and the challenges faced, urged members to prioritize delivering progress for all Zambians during the New Dawn government’s five-year mandate.

Acknowledging the historic journey of the UPND, often marred by name-calling and challenges, President Hichilema expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from Zambians in the 2021 elections. He noted the party’s past struggles, highlighting the merger of Muchinga and Northern Provinces and the continuous efforts to convey the UPND’s message even in challenging times.

“We recall vividly how we used to get 1, 000 votes from both Muchinga and Northern Provinces before they were merged and this was back then but we didn’t stop pushing our message in this part of the country,”he said

President Hichilema urged party functionaries to move beyond past grievances and focus on delivering the change that Zambians voted for. He stressed the importance of development over lawlessness, underscoring the responsibility of party members to work in an organized manner for the benefit of the country.

“Our message to our UPND Northern Province party leadership this evening was clear. There is no President Hakainde Hichilema without UPND, and therefore, anyone given an opportunity to serve the public must always have this at the back of their mind,” President Hichilema stated.

He further emphasized the necessity of unity within the party, urging the recruitment of new members, active mobilization, and consistent communication with voters regarding achievements, current progress, and future plans. President Hichilema reminded party members that their roles in public service were a direct result of UPND’s existence and the trust bestowed upon the party by Zambian citizens.

The President concluded his message by expressing optimism that, working in an organized manner, the UPND would deliver progress for all Zambians during its five-year mandate. He extended gratitude to the Northern Province party leadership for their commitment to the UPND cause, noting tangible rewards such as free education and job opportunities already materializing under the New Dawn government.


  1. Zambians cannot fall for this cheap propaganda. Everyone knows this is not genuine because hh and upnd are inborn tribalists. If hh is claiming to love bembas then let him guarantee that a bemba will run as president under upnd in 2026

  2. One minute Pf win win 2026
    the next breath let UPND put forward a bemba president to win
    talk about hypocrisy Confused mind for sure

  3. Am back, this moron is still breathing, looking for him by Interpol and his surety will take leave from parliament to serve a jail term for failure to produce a fugitive in court by the name of Kaizer Zulu

    • Where did you leave your f00Iisj friend tarino? He went into depression and is no where to be seen. He had too much hate for me it ended up killing him. I am not hiding. The police know where I’m. They are just not taking orders from vengeful hh because they know pf is returning

  4. Two of your party leaders have been caught red handed in the FISP fertilizer scam… but I am sure you will not admit it… just like the Namwala ethinic cleansing…. you will keep quiet.

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