Friday, February 23, 2024

Abandoned Mbala baby reunited with mother


The 17-year-old woman who allegedly abandoned her child immediately after giving birth at Tulemane Clinic in Mbala has been found.

ZANIS reports that Mbala District Commissioner Annie Paul confirmed the development and named the woman as Leya Nanyangwe , after she was found in Kompompo compound.

Mrs Paul indicated that Ms. Nanyangwe, however, claimed that she did not know that the baby was still alive.

She said the woman in question, who was taken to the clinic to see the child, was shocked to find that the baby was still alive.

According to the District Commissioner, Ms Nanyangwe refuted claims that she abandoned the child but only left her at the hospital after suspecting that it was dead.

She has since been given back the baby, who was being kept at the clinic.

On November 11, the woman in question was reported to have abandoned a baby boy at Tulemane Clinic after giving birth.

A search was then instituted to find the mother.


    • Yeap, just like that. I didn’t want a child till I was over 25 and it happened at 28. I was ready to take care of mine.

  1. The economy is bad to the extent that people don’t want children but only want sex


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