Monday, February 26, 2024

UPND will not shield law breakers- Banda


William Banda, Special Assistant to the President of the United Party for National Development (UPND), reiterated the party’s commitment to upholding the rule of law, asserting that no party member involved in unlawful activities would be shielded. Banda emphasized that President Hakainde Hichilema’s commitment to eliminating cadreism also extended to ensuring that no member was protected if found guilty of breaking the law.

During a visit to Kabompo, Banda met with Kabompo District Commissioner Hubert Chinyanga. The purpose of the visit, according to Banda, was to instill and maintain discipline within party ranks while understanding the challenges faced in different regions.

Banda emphasized the government’s determination to prevent the recurrence of past wrongs, stating that even UPND members engaging in misconduct would not receive protection. He asserted that the party would not interfere with law enforcement and the judiciary, emphasizing that the law would take its course without bias.

Kabompo District Commissioner Chinyanga expressed gratitude for the visit, seeing it as a demonstration of the party and President Hichilema’s genuine concern for the people’s interests. He acknowledged the optimism in the region, especially regarding various developmental projects.

UPND Kabompo District Chair Lady Grace Mazaka expressed appreciation for the historic appointment of Kabompo Member of Parliament Ambrose Lufuma as Defense Minister. She highlighted the positive impact of increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which rose from K 1.6 million to K 28.3 million. Despite the successes, she appealed for monthly party funding, emphasizing its importance for organizational activities.


  1. Fossils talking? What does he know about shielding law breakers? The gold saga scam is being heard in privacy what does that mean?

  2. Fuseke. This old smelly ugly man is the most notorious violent law breaker. 2026 when we in pf are back, we will deal with these clowns.

  3. Zambians from Malawi are very stubborn and Tekere William Banda is one of them. Winston Gumbo was another, just like Jonathan Mutaware and Lucy Banda Sichone. Chinula was humbled by Stalin Chitalu Sampa. He’s in North Western province so let him call for the arrest of those that killed Kungo. Otherwise we’ll conclude that he first went to Mwinilunga to get his share of Kasenseli loot. It’s easy to read the UPND

  4. Kikikikiki everything under UPND is “HISTORICAL”….even appointments to loot and waste tax payers money is “HISTORICAL”

    • @Anonymous: UPND cannot loot. There is nothing to loot, PF looted everything, and the taxes paid by Zambians are insignificant. The money that runs the country comes from the export of the electricity generated in Southern Province. This has been true for the 40 -45 years since the collapse of the reign of copper money. Chipuba signed away the mines to foreigners, who do not remit more than $30 million to Zambia in a year when they might sell $10 billion worth of copper.

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