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Church to continue advocating for abstinence – Fr. Mulenga


Radio Yangeni Director Father Constatino Mulenga says the church will continue to advocate for abstinence as a way of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.

Fr. Mulenga pointed out that abstinence is the only sure way of preventing the spread of the HIV/AIDS hence it needs to be promoted.

Speaking during the candle light service at Mansa Catholic Cathedral , he explained that the church does not encourage other methods of HIV prevention such as condom use as it is not 100 percent perfect.

” Condom use is not something which should be promoted as you can end up regretting so we should all be advocating for abstinence as the only sure way,” he said.

The Radio Yangeni Director noted that HIV/AIDS infection is high among adolescents which shows that there is still more work which needs to be done if HIV/ AIDS is to be eradicated.

Young people need to be given the correct information with regards HIV prevention as opposed to encouraging them to be venturing into pre-marital sex as long as they used a condom.

” There is need to join hands and ensure that young people are given correct messages which will enable them stay aware from sex before marriage if we are to see a reduction in HIV cases,” he observed.

And Fr. Mulenga has encouraged couples to remain faithful to each other as this will help to reduce the spread of HIV.

He pointed out that the behavior of some married couples leaves much to be desired saying they are the ones who are in the habit of spreading the virus a situation which is said should not be happening in a country like Zambia.

Fr. Mulenga said that it was possible for the fight against HIV/AIDS to be won if only everyone takes this fight seriously.

He explains that HIV/AIDS is still around and that each day there are new infections which are recorded hence the need to double the efforts by all the stakeholders involved in this fight.

The HIV /AIDS candle light this year was celebrated under the theme: Let communities take the lead.


  1. Due to economic hardship under upnd many young and old women are failing to abstain. Everyday I receive no less than 20 messages from women offering me sex for money. Ati new dawn

  2. Due to economic hardship under upnd many young and old women are failing to abstain. Everyday I receive no less than 20 messages from women offering me seks for money. Ati new dawn

  3. Pretence is a dangerous disease. You know that abstinence can’t work, just like celibacy has failed. Many Catholic Fathers pretend to be celibate and take solemn vows about it but whom do they deceive except themselves? Why can’t we advocate to copy from those cultures where the pandemic isn’t very prevalent? In the middle east they keep strong family values and marry off their children early. Then both families support the children through education and guide them until they are independent. In Zambia when you impregnate or get pregnant then you’re out

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