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Hichilema must go…unless he changes course


By Sishuwa Sishuwa

Hakainde Hichilema stood in the queue to becoming President of Zambia for 15 years before voters finally removed him from it in August 2021. This demonstrates how badly the man wanted this job. But it has taken him only two years in office to display his unfitness for the role. When it comes to the bigger national issues, such as safeguarding our cherished democracy, getting the best out of Zambia’s mineral wealth, respecting the constitution and the rule of law, fighting corruption beyond rhetoric, genuine promotion of national unity and equitable distribution of appointments to public service positions, sorting out the cost-of-living crisis and the deplorable conditions of life for most Zambians, Hichilema has, so far, lamentably failed.

And if Zambians were to see the contents of the just signed Shareholder Agreement with Vedanta Resources Limited for the takeover of Konkola Copper Mines, many will be so livid that they will likely demand his immediate resignation for working against the interests of the Republic. I have seen, read, and understood the Agreement, and I challenge the Government to publish it in full in the name of transparency and accountability if they have nothing to hide. I am aware that Hichilema discarded the terms and conditions prepared by patriotic and very capable technocrats in the civil service and exerted pressure on the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines-Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) to wholly accept the ones produced by Vedanta Resources. The concessions given to Vedanta – let us just say the concessions Vedanta has effectively given itself and which Hichilema agreed to without even subjecting the Shareholder Agreement to discussion in Cabinet – are so dreadful and anti-Zambia that any citizen who signs that terrible agreement must ordinarily be charged with SABOTAGE or TREASON. The contents of the Agreement with Vedanta constitute the ultimate betrayal of public trust and the interests of the State.

Argh! We are going nowhere serious with Hichilema at the helm of Zambia, unless he changes course, for the better. He has become a clear and present danger to Zambia’s economy, to our democracy, our constitutional order, our nationhood and its future, to the lives of ordinary Zambians, and must be peacefully removed from office at the earliest available opportunity. What consoles me is the knowledge that as of today, many people in Zambia may not know who they will vote for in the next election, but they already know who they will not vote for.

The best thing about electing Hichilema president was that we are no longer distracted by his threat or potential to be better than those who came before him and we can now start looking for suitable, if better, alternatives. If Hichilema did not become President of Zambia, we would have lived with some degree of guilty for not giving him the chance to govern. We could have also succumbed to certain narratives that suggest that some regions of Zambia can provide better leaders than others. To some extent, it is not regrettable that the man got the opportunity to lead. Now we know that in order to develop, Zambia does not need a given region or an individual from a particular ethnic group in State House. The country simply needs competent men and women who are patriots, have a feasible plan, and are committed to restoring the nation’s dignity, where they come from notwithstanding.

In a certain weird and perverted sense, it is good that Zambians gave Hichilema a chance to reveal who he truly is. The Chewa-speaking people of Zambia have a saying that “The best way of proving the potency of a man who claims that he is able to achieve an erection is for the woman to undress for him.” In August 2021, Zambians undressed for Hichilema after a decade-and-half of claiming that he is capable of taking them to greater heights!


  1. The parameters of success in ruling a developing country such as Zambia are simple: 1. Exchange Rate should be stable, in Zambia’s case ZMW 17- 18.5 to the USD is ideal
    2. Inflation should be controlled, this simply means reducing the money circulation in the country but must be done in a way that doesn’t affect economic growth
    3. Export, export and export everything with no trade restrictions and make it easy for exporters to access foreign markets
    4. On democracy, a vibrant opposition is key to good governance because they allow for checks and balances and keep any government on their toes to perform well.

    I’ve said it before where the UPND do well, we will applaud but when it errs we have to highlight these points or else 2026 ni kaya.

  2. Doc, this is good food for thought and I would like to add that we also say Mwana akalila bonzo mupaseni meaning when a baby cries for the bone ,give to him , let the wise judge

  3. First world sound logic dont work here in Zambia or for that matter in Africa,
    Trying telling that to South Africa who is now on its knees

    • Jack Mwiimbu lamentably failed to give us the alternative true list of PF office bearers at his presser for the public to compare, but he chose to fire the RoS for presenting a purportedly fake one. To shame the liars, bring out truthful facts with documents laid on table. Mr. Kaps Spaka, please as challenged, ask Paul Kabuswe to publish the KCM agreement.

    • If SishuwaSishuwa divulged the contract he would still be unprofessional for his status or it being rubbished as counterfeit or deemed treasonous if in his possession. Don’t mudsling the messenger, digest and tackle the message: a basis trait for good effective leadership.

  4. I am very happy that he was given a resounding victory chance by us 3 million Zambians to prove his worth. Either we overrated him or he isn’t just an archiever himself. He is more keen to consolidating his rulership than working for ordinary Zambians. A selfless attitude is lacking in him.
    Zambia’s debt mustn’t be weaponised. PF left the kwacha rate at 25. It improved to 15, but has gone back to 25. Can UPND explain their leadership style that is in reverse mode? What mess are they cleaning when their own filth P00P is showing everywhere for all to see?

  5. The only problem is that Sishuwa or his supporters are not the ones who voted for HH. The ordinary zambians yearning for free education, security from thuggery cadres, freedom from corruption among the elite, graduates for employment, transperancy in benefiting from the national cake, tribal balancing of appointments…they are the voters.Sishuwa is pushing the agenda of his uncle Fred Mmembe, abtribalist of the highest order..

  6. Tribal failures like hh do not change. They are arrogant and stubborn. The only way is to remove them by force because even when he loses in 2026 he will refuse to leave. Why do you think he is going after opposition instead of fulfilling his crazy promises.

  7. HH condemned the erection of road toll gates. I thought as soon as he was sworn in he was going to abolish them. But alas he goes ahead to build one on the chililabombwe road… not only that but with exorbitant toll charges.
    360 degrees foresight he promised us…. zero degrees foresight in reality.

  8. Would appreciate recommendations or suggestions for doing things differently so that we provide constructive feedback and criticism not just calling for blanket changes. None will take the educated serious if you End at reminding us about what is wrong. You are Zambian must be part of the solution. Hope to see recommendations and proposed changes

  9. “Hakainde Hichilema stood in the queue to becoming President of Zambia for 15 years before voters finally removed him from it in August 2021.”

    The person who was removed was Lungu. This guy is fake and he overrates himself and his PHD is mwembish.

    • ..stood in a long queue of 15 unsuccessful years of unemployment as a servant of Zambian people. Zambians redeemed him in 2021 only to regret. Is that so complicated for you, an educated Muntu, to comprehend?

    • Everything he told us has turned out to be lies. How does he feel when he sees those campaign videos… that’s if even bothers to watch them … rather courageous enough.

    • Simple allegory. HH was in a que for State House. Lungu wasnt. By voting him into State House the voters removed him from the que.

  10. Did not waste my time reading the nonsense.
    Hakainde Hichilema was voted into power by reasonable Zambians who understood the prevailing political and economic challenges the country faced under the PF. He will definitely continue to lead Zambia after 2026.
    The stats of the 2021 elections show that the PF actually maintained their voting base of 1.8 million voters from 2016. The extra 1 million votes that went to HH come from Zambians who don’t normally participate in elections or subscribe to low level issues like the price of mealie meal, subsidies etc. They voted for the restoration of the rule of law , a stable national economy and better opportunities for education and entrepreneurship

  11. That just goes to show how unproductive the Doc has since become in SA. Our Zambian Constitution has rules how a Republican President may be removed from Office. Learn to speak for yourself than ati ‘Zambians’.

  12. @My Zambia
    It was not a queue there were other competitors who could have won. This is wrong English by this fake Dr, tying to sound most educated.

  13. The Doctor has regretted. He championed a movement that is unprogressive and is best qualified to comment as such. He even risked his own hide for our freedom. Wasn’t he recommended to be fired from Yunza? He fought a wrong cause. Instead of some of you looking at his past effort, he gets demeaning comments, insults. He took the tiger by the tail, petitioned EeCeeL’s candidature at Concourt when all others winced and coiled back. Is this the thank you he receives?

  14. “I challenge the Government to publish it in full in the name of transparency and accountability if they have nothing to hide” If I was in the New Doom government I would ask the President to immediately publish it. A citizen is demanding what any government should be able to deliver: the governmnt’s contract with foreign exploiters

  15. Don’t even worst time…Politicians get into Politics to enrich themselves…if they have money then they want to amass more Politicians is in Politics to serve the people even here in the USA why is a 90 year old sickly old man still wanting to be President….the answer is simple…in Government there’s free and easy money…

  16. I think the best thing in Zambia now is to forget about Politics…just hustle hard on your own and Politicians shouldn’t come and disturb your hustle….Politicians don’t need to hustle because they get free money from the national treasury

  17. HH is slowly becoming disappointing, I wonder when he will redeem himself. Anyone using Lungu as a yardstick for governance clearly needs help.
    There are some things that don’t require time to accomplish. We had the leaked audio concerning the DP, he never fired anyone, we now have the stupidity with PF and he recently referred to the other man as leader of opposition. The man is not a democrat.

  18. @ Chiza Chirwa
    People change my dear brother especially if they get what they want… The HH in opposition and the HH as President is exactly the opposite….am extremely disappointed with HH but am not surprised….Chiluba did the same thing after promising Zambians Heaven on earth and all he did was go to Paris and buy custom made shoes with his name on it and his son Castro was turned State House info a play ground

  19. One of the downsides to University expansion & credentialism is that it convinces people that they are smarter than they are.

    Isn’t it just ironic that someone who studied History as a Major at varsity will rubbish a mining agreement that was prepared by some of Zambia’s internationally renowned citizens who majored in Economics & Finance & worked at some top monetary institutions in the world?

    Since @Sshishuwa is privy to the agreement, who can’t be simply post it online so that the citizens can judge for themselves?

    Then he employs the language of tribal ideologues like Lungu, Kambwili, GBM, Nakachinda etal!

  20. Leave the Doc alone he’s 100% right ad knowledgeable than some of u HH’s blind supporters. This president is sinking the nation than this before, we did vote him to sink us deeper. He’s a cheat, all the promises were all lies, retrieve the videos, it’s all lies. He’s silent, now he’s president, better he resign ad he doesn’t qualify to stand in 2026.

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