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Cattle movement ban to be lifted soon


Fisheries and livestock minister Makozo Chikote says the livestock movement ban imposed on Anthrax affected districts would be lifted once the disease is under control.

Speaking on separate platforms in Kalomo Mr. Chikote is hopeful that with the general public adhering to the laid down measures to control the disease spread, his ministry would soon consider lifting the ban upon vaccinating all the animals in affected districts.

“We have put a ban on livestock movement so that it does not spread across the country.

“ It is not a punishment as we are aware that this measure has an economic effect on people’s lives but as soon as we finish vaccinating all the animals in affected districts and do a review, I can assure you the ban is going to be lifted within the shortest possible time, what we need is compliance of laid down guidelines,” Mr. Chikote said when he featured on Voice of Kalomo radio.

Earlier, the minister expressed concern over the inhabitable state of accommodation for veterinary extension camps officers rendering his staff to reside in town.

He thereby prodded the ward development committees to assist in the matter through the constituency development fund (CDF).

He said this after a meeting with Kalomo district commissioner, Joshua Sikaduli.

And addressing farmers at Munakanyemba school, Mr. Chikote said no domestic animal would be left out in the vaccination exercise as his ministry is locally sourcing the Anthrax vaccine from the Central Veterinary Research Institute (CVRI) which has a production capacity of about 100,000 to 150,000 per week.

He further urged farmers to cooperate with his officers as the vaccine is for free.

The minister who was accompanied by his ministry senior staff, Southern province veterinary officer, Wilfred Tembo also paid a courtesy call on chief Sipatunyana of Kalomo where he urged traditional leaders to take a lead to enforce Anthrax control measures among their subjects.

Mr. Chikote and his team were in Southern province to appreciate operational challenges of his departments and assess what has been on the ground since the outbreak of Anthrax in the region last October.

Currently, the veterinary department is vaccinating animals against Anthrax in the region to contain the disease.


  1. Cattle movement bans need to be fairly enforced. Usually they just affect small dealers especially peasants whose animals are slaughtered without compensation. Those with connections slaughter and transport the meat in refrigerated trucks from infected areas. There are only two reliable sources of beef in Zambia, that is Southern and Western provinces. While peasants aren’t allowed to ferry animals through the park, connected Somalians transport carcasses from Mongu and Senanga to Lusaka and the Copperbelt in refrigerated trucks. Previously, a known company and some Minister were accused of instigating bans to disadvantage locals and kill competition. So these wholesale bans are sometimes suspicious

  2. Hh controls this to advantage his farms. His policy are biased to benefit him. He chooses strategically when to enforce such to the detriment of other farmers. Hh eeeembwa

    • Still better than your ECL trying to bring confusion to your party
      2 years now and still to confirm a leader and you expect Zambians to accept such a party
      you are deranged

  3. Chongwe has suffered a ban coz of African Swine Fever for over 3 moths now but with no status updates.
    SMEs have ended up closing shop coz they cant sell pork anymore.

  4. It’s bigger than you all and bigger than Zambians, and only a none political but Huma ly combine efforts can halt such evil, they re not coming only for your meat, or pork, chicken soon, they want u to eat bug, or Bill gates laboratory made meat. Check full inside on our channel YouTube skylivetv

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