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M’membe, Kambwili; birds of the same feathers!


Dr Fred M’membe, leader of the Socialist Party, has shared some words of encouragement and kindness for recently incarcerated Chishimba Kambwili.

Taking to the Facebook page of his Socialist Party, he submitted, “Mwaice wandi Chishimba Kambwili wisakamana. Natwishiba ifilechitika napali ubwafya natupamona.” Loosely translated into English – do not worry my young brother. We know what is happening and we’ve seen where there’s a problem.

For obvious reasons, M’membe deliberately chooses to package his thoughts in Bemba. However, if you bother to comb through the said page, you’ll discover that the once Editor of an influential tabloid usually shares his thoughts in our official language – English. Why the sudden change in the choice of the language to interact with members of the public? What is the thrust of this article? Is he somehow giving tacit approval of Kambwili’s uncouth tribal ranting?

It’s absolutely immoral and unfair to try and apportion Kambwili’s latest predicament to UPND when they were not anywhere near the corridors of power when the case was initiated.

As revealed by Mulenga Thornicroft on her Facebook page, the case which has seen Kambwili jumping on a CDF Landcruiser to begin his long journey to prison was actually reported during the PF regime by three brave women – Laura Miti, Mutibo Harvey and Mulenga herself!

“Anybody who chooses to see this as a ploy by UPND to fix Kambwili is not thinking straight!” maintains Mulenga.

She further insists that Zambia is for all of us and will never allow a few individuals make any Tonga child feel like a second class citizen due to selfish political ambitions.

Considering the gravity of the offence, Kambwili is even lucky he walked away with a lesser sentence.

Anyway, we are not surprised that M’membe has come to the defence of one of his kind. As editor of The Post Newspapers, he used the publication not only to unleash scathing attacks on UPND, but equally mounted a vicious tribal campaign against the party.

In an attempt to hoodwink the right thinking members of the public that UPND did not enjoy the support of the people beyond Southern province, he constantly referred to it as a Bantustan; a deregatory reference to partially self-governing areas set aside during the period of apartheid for particular indigenous African folks.

We are not surprised that M’membe is quick to defend Kambwili and assure him of liberation in the not too distant future…..they are actually birds of the same feathers. They both share a history of stoking tribal sentiments!

By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. You’re really haunted by Bemba. Don’t stress, next time he will package his thoughts in one of the Bantu Botatwe languages. I guess you will feel better.

    • Kalaba they are busy targetting political opponents and consent judgments. Think there’s any time for gassing suspects whomay actually have been UPND?

    • Zambians should get serious. Hate speech is bad and is the start of issues like genocide. Kambili and his well-wishers should think twice. We are ONE Zambia One Nation and never should we be Tribal. Unfortunately, even the educated like M’membe tolerate Hate Speech.
      Kambwili’s Enemy is his Own Mouth. The man talks too much.

  2. As long as we have leaders like HH …Lungu…Mmembe….Kambwili…Lusambo….Cornelius Mweetwa…Kalaba….Nawakwi…Chishala kateka…Gary Nkombo….Mundubile….Lubinda….we will never develop because all these morons are just the same…all useless Pompwes and very greedy……late Dean Mungomba could have been one of the best Presidents but the criminal Politicians in MMD were threatened and they got rid of him quickly……PF and UPND are just Bandit gangs and they’re both destroying Zambia …..

    • @Anonymous: How convenient that you would lump people from other tribes who have done no wrong, with people from your tribe who have done much wrong and practically nothing right; and thereby eliminating all of these people as suitable leaders, but somehow leaving only your tribesman, Mung’omba, as the only one fit to rule the country. We see what you are doing, and in it, you are no different from Mmembe or Kambwili; you just presenting the same tribalist bullsh!t in a new package. You are not going to hoodwink us again.

    • Very well put @Anonymous. There is currently no politician or political party prioritising service to the people. Its just about how much per diem can I make from the next trip. How much donor aid can I lay my hands on. Why do you think Zambian politicians pose for media pictures showing off about the cars they have bought for their wives? Is that News? Is that an achievement? Show us what you have done for the people not for your wife! We just dont have politicians in Zambia. We have thieves.

  3. Late Baldwin Nkumbula also died a mysterious death because he started voicing out against corruption and he left MMD and formed his own party because of massive looting and corruption by MMD…..

    • @Anonymous: Mwanawassa was mentally maimed for the same reason. They also killed Ronald Penza. I am an avowed Kaunda-phile, but the old man made the one big mistake of not investigating and exposing the Congolese fraud and impostor, Titus Chabala Kafupi, better known as Frederick Chiluba. If Kaunda had destroyed that dwarf, we would have avoided much of the economic turmoil that is engulfing our country, since he is the one who brought the misguided privatisation in which he sold the mines, parastatals, and bankrupted the local councils by selling their assets. The little pygmy also opened the flood gates to the Lebanese homosexuals, who brought their shady business practices to our country.

  4. ………..


    Tribal supremacists of the clique on LT have not recovered from being ruled by a tonga………..

    they are still licking their wounds

    CK is a dump and was willingly being used by PF and lungu………

    Cde membe was handsomely paid off by PF to Bury the post newspaper closure scandle…….

    • @Spaka: You could not have said it better my brother. All HH is trying to do is to solve the problems of Zambia, which they created. The man does not get a government salary, does not live in State House, has wanted nothing to do with the presidential plane, and refused to ride in the official presidential car. The man has tried to chart a middle of the road foreign policy, in order to carry favour with everyone, seeing how the wantonly reckless borrowing and looting of PF, which has saddled Zambia with a debt of US $31 billion, has completely emasculated the country economically and politically.

    • Lincoln

      Lungu closed the post , a genuine business, which could have paid off its debts………because he was threatened

      Later , They came to realise later that they can’t afford to have membe as their enemy………

      And paid him off…….

      That’s why membe sided with the PF , not uttering a single bad word about lungu during 2021……….

      Despite having had his life’s work destroyed

  5. The only opposition leaders with the right temperament for Leasership is Chishala Kateka and Highvie Hamdudu. Very composed, level headed, fearless and steady when articulating national issues.Temperament is an important gauge apart from other qualities for leadership

  6. I think the Gorilla is in a league of his own. He who screams out the loudest on tribe knows a thing or two about segregation and nepot1sm. We should never tolerate such and the amazing people of Zambia should discard the likes of this thing without reservations.

  7. Without even checking the author’s name, I knew this article was by Prince Kaping’a by just reading the title. It seems to me that some people like him have this Bembaphobia thing in them. What have Bembas done to them? I have a neighbour at my block of flats from one of the Zambezi regions who banned her Bemba maid from speaking Bemba in her household and eventually fired her for breaching this rule when she caught her using the forbidden language on her cellphone!

  8. Tony Blair hh are birds of the same feather. Both f00Iish criminals. Hh will die painful death. The chingola miners were employed by hh himself yet he has left them to die. King shadrick will spill the beans

    • I thought this kind of ”Youth empowerment” started in PF ku black where the PF Jerabos were calling the shots. The government then knew of the mining disaster which awaited, did not stop the illegal mining activities. This should have been stopped by government. PF tried to legalise and regulate, there was an outcry form the opposition and the youths themselves. May the Lord comfort those affected and their family. Government should take a bold decision and halt/suspend all these mining activities until healthy & safety measures are in place

  9. We still have ZESCO low voltage in most places in Kabangwe for weeks on end now. Not very interested in politics now until our issues are sorted out

    • Zesco is a fossil meant for the museum. They keep changing CEOs with every new government but things keep on getting worse. I feel for you.

    • That is the biggest weakness of para-statals. They are never allowed to run on business plans but on political plans. So every new government brings in their own personnel as incompetent as they may prove to be. South Africa which should have learned from Zambia’s experience is right now saddled with treasury liabilities like Transnet ESCOM etc potentially very profitable companies. If you want to compete with private ventures use the Chinese economic model. Otherwise let me just say: We Africans dont have the discipline to run para-statals profitably.

  10. Now Mwata Kapinga…. have you forgotten that Hakainde Hichilema and Dr Fred Mmembe used to team up against Edgar Lungu? What’s so strange about it? Sata and HH formed the Pact to fight Rupiah Banda and you were comfortable…
    As for tribalism…at least Kambwili expressed his feeling openly (albeit in bad taste)… personally I know how you people practice tribalism tacitly. For once forget the Bemba speakers as a tribe but as Zambians with equal rights as you no more no less.

  11. Zambia has now become officially become like Malawi surviving by donations…..The Malawian President is always begging for donations but for how long is he going to be…aren’t we ashamed of ourselves as Africans….HH is doing the same thing…the Malawian President is now auctioning his people for donations to go and do slave jobs and we are in 2023….

    • I have a friend in South Africa who keeps asking how can Malawi with such a wonderful big lake have half the country on Wenela in South Africa and rely on donor aid? The lake is a potential billion dollar commercial venture!

  12. Hard core capitalist Mmembe turned socialist to earn public sympathy. Mmembe bought a Hammer vehicle which could have paid all retirees in Zambia at that time. A socialist – my foot, fool others we have facts.

  13. @ Lupunga
    I visited Malawi when Kamuzu Banda was still President…the country has so much potential and beautiful landscape..amazing scenery..Malawi had one of the best public transport Stagecoach buses when Kamuzu was President..alot of Indians moved from Tanzania and set up businesses in Malawi but now Chakwera is busy asking for donations…NOW MALAWIANS ARE BEEN SOLD AS SLAVES

  14. Wise people usually invest well for the good of their families by respecting the plight and wellbeing of other people. Alas, Prince Kaping’a graduated from his College intellectually empty-loaded. The chap’s lack of concerns for other people and thriving on mocking his neighbors is a recipe to lead an extremely miserable life in his old age – especially when a country opts for a change guard.

    • When he writes his articles he forgets that people know what happened in past.. like opposition teaming together is not confined to Kambwili and Mmembe. His master had tried all sorts of alliances so he’s all a bird of the same feather.
      It’s like telling one’s child that babies come from heaven when that already knows how babies are manufactured

    Peoples of SADC Region are speculating on a “conspiracy theory” that the Brenthurst Foundation, an offshoot of the Anglo-American consortium, is fermenting a revival of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland. (1) Roy Welensky’s Federation pursued a HORSE & RIDER dogma where horses (Africans) win the race and the horse-owners (the whites) got the price. (2) Malawi has been assigned a task of exporting cheap labourers to Israel under a theme similar to “Witwatersrand Native Labour Association” (WENELA). (3) Brenthurst Foundation has engineered the torture of patriotic opposition leaders in Zambia to please western powers who vehemently dislike Africans. Hence the exploitation of African resources must continue. GOD HELP US!

  16. The Majority of Zambians in the Diaspora want things to improve back home…Diaspora is not our home…our home is Zambia….but Politicians are letting us down

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