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Information Minister is on fire while UPND media team is ndwii!


The other day in parliament, former Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya characterised Cornelius Mweetwa, the Chief Government Spokesperson as ‘Chemical Ali’ for his exceptional skills of at disseminating information! We’re so delighted with what Mweetwa is doing at this strategic Ministry. We’re equally so proud that we noticed his skills much earlier and tirelessly lobbied for his relocation to his current work station.

It’s not the job of a Minister to sit “ndwi” and enjoy Cappuccino while government is suffering a constant barrage of attacks from the usual suspects…….abena M’membe, Tembo, Nakachinda, Mwenda, Saboi, Kalaba and Kateka. Their job is to take a fire brigade approach to every situation or indeed jump on the roller skates and dash to every radio station, TV outlets and Newspaper offices and diffuse the lies or debunk the propaganda before it spreads like wild fire and consumes the very good work the New Dawn Administration is doing.

While Mweetwa has impressively matched the ‘fox cunning’ as Chinua Achebe says in one of his books; unfortunately, the Secretariat and the Ruth Dante led UPND media team remains on holiday. Apart from the party National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso who is tirelessly traversing the breadth and width of this nation mobilizing and defending the party from incessant attacks, we don’t hear much from the others. At least madam Chivube who is also putting in much.

Take for instance the scrapping of static security check points and road blocks on our highways…..this is a fabulous Christmas bonus for some of us! The day before yesterday, I set off from Lusaka around 15:00 hours. There wasn’t unnecessary congestions in places such as Kabangwe, Kafulafuta or ZAMTAN as is usually the case. I was already home by 20:00 hours enjoying mataamba and Kakeya while catching up with news and current affairs. And just last night, it took me 40 minutes to drive from Chingola to Kitwe; there wasn’t the usual clogging of traffic at the Mufulira turn-off which holds up traffic several hours on end.

Instead of popping bottles of Champagne and celebrating this feat, the likes of M’membe and Mwamba have chosen to mislead the public by conjuring up conspiracy theories.

Take for instance what Mwamba wrote on his Facebook page, “Shortly after road blocks and static security check points were removed country-wide, accident reveals truck was carrying logs from the endangered hardwood specie Mukula.” As a former diplomat, we don’t expect Mwamba to make a living peddling lies! Where was the UPND media team to take him on?

Bowman Lusambo who has a challenge analysing issues has also weighed in and challenged government to reveal “core reasons” why roadblocks have been removed. What other reasons can be there apart from the congestion and corruption imwe ba former Minister! Ba UPND, a finished politician is throwing weak pouches and you can’t show him his place?

If you analyse those photos carefully, you will establish that it wasn’t Mukula as Mwamba wants us to believe, but actually Rosewood! Mwamba couldn’t of course escape being lambasted and roasted by the public who equally ‘educated’ him that while containers are used to transport Mukula for preservation purposes, Rosewood is transported on low bed trucks.

Ba UPND don’t leave the job of damage control to Mweetwa alone, you must equally play your part!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Politica/Social Analyst


  1. While I like the author’s view point, I find it annoying that he failed to research the English name for Mukula, which is Rosewood.
    The author in short admits that the wood that was being carried was actually Mukula.

    • There’s nothing adorable about what this misinformed citizen is stating. If anything all democrats must loathe his type and work hard to ensure that his kind of thinking doesnt contaminate government. What he applauds is at cross-purposes with democracy and no champion of freedom of speech would urge him on.
      Kapinga certainly has a senile understanding of Democracy and the role of the Executive in this political dispensation. He may have grown up during the one party system and therefore cant shrug off its mentality.

    • When he calls the Ministry of broadcasting, a “strategic Ministry” one can only see North Korea misusing taxpayers’ money to dispense Party leaflets from government offices. That doesnt happen in democracies. In describing an unneeded ministry as strategic he lists its duties as repelling: “abena M’membe, Tembo, Nakachinda, Mwenda, Saboi, Kalaba and Kateka”. That isnt the job of the Minister or any government department.
      Indeed like he says: “Where was the UPND media team to take Mwamba on?” This is a task the ruling party should undertake with its own resources and finances. It is not Mweetwa’s task because as Minister he is paid by our tax not by UPND. There is and should be no Minister tasked with UPND’s damage control. It should not be passed to government

    • The English name for mukula is Rosewood and you’re very right. Thanks for educating Mr Prince, I hope he reads your comment.

  2. There was “chemical” and there was “comical” Ali in Saddam’s cabinet.

    Chilufya is very dull for a doctor to not remember which was whom.

  3. Yes I agree with you, the removal of those Police ATM Road blocks on our major roads is the best that has happened. We can now move freely on our roads with the productive time that was choking removed. And these officers who were manning had no sense of urgency

  4. There’s a huge difference between speaking substance and making unnecessary noise like an empty tin. Unfortunately this little small boy mweetwa is the latter. He is a true definition of a useless cadre who was fortunate to see the inside of a classroom. I taught garry a lesson on Mazabuka when he got slapped. Kwashala aka

  5. …………


    Mrs chushi waisted almost 2 years just drinking tea………

    Zambia is a 3rd world country and needs a minister of information……….

    Mwetwa is good at information, this was the best choice.

  6. Power is very sweet and I can see Politicians like Mweetwa doing everything possible to remain in power for a very long period of time…now they’re busy scheming how to rig 2026 elections…..the Congolese President is losing to Katumbi but he is busy manipulating the system so that he can remain in power…

  7. Its Comical Ali and not Chemical Ali. The former was the information minister while the latter a military’s nuisance of a commander who showered chemicals on his citizens

  8. Comical Ali was the clown, lying through the teeth: we are now pounding them, we have retaken the airport, etc.

  9. And some F00L is telling us to stop drinking beer. He found us drinking beer and he will leave us drinking our beer.

  10. This is not the first time the UPND have removed these police check points. As soon as they got rid of them last year by Jack Mwiimbu, they quickly embraced them citing public outcry. How can this be newswothy? Wait until they are back.

  11. Trouble is Mweetwa is government Spokes Person, but often he speaks for UPND.
    That is an abuse, let him concentrate on government matters, that is why he gets a government salary.
    He thinks lying is a symbol of intelligence, but sorry it just displays dullness.

    • Thats why we need more people of Sean Tembo’s calibre to point out these misuses of our tax money

  12. “Just last night, it took me 40 minutes to drive from Chingola to Kitwe; there wasn’t the usual clogging of traffic at the Mufulira turn-off which holds up traffic several hours”
    You have got a great sense of imagination. You forget that other people use this route and there’s never been a congestion… the Sabina road block is never congested… removing it is a security miscalculation… Congolese and other East Africa illegals will simply slip into Bulangililo. Do serious research before you publish rubbish.

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