Friday, March 1, 2024

PF Expels Ten Members for Indiscipline and Discrediting Leadership


The Patriotic Front (PF) has announced the immediate expulsion of ten of its members, including notable figures such as Pambashe MP Ronald Chitotela, Nixon Chilangwa of Kawambwa, Christopher Kang’ombe of Kamfinsa, and Remember Mutale of Chitambo. Other expellees include Brian Mundubile of Mporokoso, Stephen Kampyongo of Shiwangandu, Mulenga Fube of Chilubi, Mutotwe Kafwaya of Lunte, and PF faction Chairperson for Information and Publicity Emmanuel Mwamba.

The expulsions come on the grounds of gross indiscipline, insubordination, and allegedly tarnishing the party’s reputation by holding unauthorized meetings with non-PF members to undermine the current leadership.

PF Deputy Media Director Yosi Miti released a statement to ZNBC News in Lusaka, confirming the expulsion and outlining the reasons behind the party’s decision. The statement highlights that the expelled members were engaged in activities that go against the principles and integrity of the PF, leading to their removal from the party.

The PF has formally communicated this development to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti.

However, Emmanuel Mwamba, responding to the announcement, contested the expulsions, deeming them unwarranted. Mwamba emphasized that there are ongoing court cases against Miles Sampa’s leadership, and therefore, the expulsions lack legitimacy.

Mwamba asserted that Miles Sampa does not possess the political mandate to conduct activities in the name of the Patriotic Front. He further labeled Sampa’s letters and actions as a potential case of forgery, adding another layer of complexity to the internal disputes within the PF.


    • HH wanted to remove ZANU PF using one Mumba. Thet failed.
      Now he has learnt one political lesson from President Mnangagwa on how to destabilise the opposition and stay in power longer. He is copying exactly what the Zimbabwean president is doing.
      He is using Sampa the same Mnagaqgwa is using tShabangu.
      Tshabangu recalled MPs and caused a bye- election. Sampa has fired 10mps causing bye elections soon.

  1. That is what PF is, nothing else but illegal starting with Chagwa who was elected by non PF members and worse by raising arms contrarily to PF constitution in Kabwe conversion. So therefore, chagwe illegally ruled Zambia. And that is PF!

  2. These PF things are quite funny. But how they believe that their issues are the issues of Zambians is where they are losing me.

  3. You mean hh has attempted to expel people he can’t expell using that c0ckroach miles. Miles is a loser. His insecurity has led to him making bad choices. It all started when I revealed that his beautiful wife nchimunya and I once dated before she married him. He can’t take the truth. Nchimunya was Well known around pf circles that is how she even met this ka sampa boy

  4. What happens in PF affects the nation and only demented person will not understand this. You may be Upnd and celebrating the demise of the PF but at one time you will realize the importance of having a strong opposition.
    History is there to prove this. Sampa is a mongrel that is not trained on which bone to follow..
    It eats from dump sites. He betrayed the PF for Upnd but after the Upnd dumped him, he went on his fours begging to be accepted by the PF who helped him to become Lusaka mayor…. how cheap can one be. After he destroys the PF, the Upnd will find cases against him and he will be visiting courts with Lusambo.

  5. Nobody wants the demise of the PF party
    Its the useless people trying to lead it so lets get that straight
    New blood would make it attractive
    A suggestion get rid of the c0ckroach
    they a curse in most homes


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