Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Health workers assured of improved working condition


President Hakainde Hichilema has commended health personal in the country for their unweaving dedication of taking care of the sick people in the country.

President Hichilema says  the health personnel have exhibited hard work despite the facing challenges  such as infrastructure among others.

Mr. Hichilema adds that care givers should be celebrated and be encouraged to continue working hard as government is doing everything possible to improve their working environment.

The Head of State said this today when he presented 127 baby hampers to mothers at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) which has recorded 8 Christmas babies.

“ The D block here is smaller than the numbers of babies. And as government we will ensure that we take care of the challenges faced in the health sector”, President Hichilema stated.

And the Head of  State has empathised with families that have lost their beloved ones due to cholera saying the development underscores government ‘s commitment to continue investing in all diseases including cholera.

As a Cholera champion,  the Head of State has been advocating and lobbing that Zambia must be the location for the production of Cholera vaccines.

He noted that this will also make the country to be suppler of the Cholera vaccine in the southern region.

“ We have been advocating for clean water supply and sanitation and also vaccines. We are working with our friends outside who have the technology and are producing Cholera vaccines to help Zambia to also be the location of the production of cholera vaccines and we are making headway,” the head of state noted.

Positive discrimination will be applied once the vision is realized , he said adding that the local people will be the first priority.


  1. Ba Cholera Champion, you are just lobbying and advocating while people are dying in large numbers, take tangible action man.
    What happened to “Bally will Fix It” ?

    • @Mwata Mwanza: Cholera is the product of your rulers, from Simon Chushi Mwewa who destroyed the sanitation system of Lusaka, to Frederick Chipuba who looted the assets of the councils, gave their houses away to his people and left them unable to provide services. It is the fault of all the MMD and PF criminals you put there who stole what money was there, and borrowed what was not and stole it, and left the country with no means to provide basic services. Do not cry to UPND. You created this nonsense. We warned you when you were rigging and putting in Michael Satan and Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu in power, and now you cannot accuse people who were not there. Sorry it is your fault.

    • Always speaking negative. If you have solutions to Cholera outbreaks, please offer them.
      If you understand that Lusaka sits on a limestone and there is poor drainage. Then there is blue-green alga which can provide a microenvironment for the long-term survival of V. cholerae.
      If you want to politicise, do it intelligently.

  2. When government tries to control illegal street vending and unauthorosed property development, they are condemned. Now deal with the cholera.

  3. Why can’t we talk negatively if someone keeps on telling lies all the time.
    He’s destroying the opposition.
    His members are threatening civil war in the event the PF returned to power ( how the PF can return to power can only be explained by Yupi-nd themselves)

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