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General Chinkuli creates foundation to take care of former service personnel


By Benedict Tembo

ZAMBIA’S first indigenous Army Commander Kingsley Chinkuli has created a foundation to cater for the welfare of former servicemen and women.

During the launch of his book “Reigning In Chaos: Chinkuli and the genius of command,” at Arakan Barracks in Lusaka , General Chinkuli urged servicemen and women to contribute to the economic development of the country by being productive since they still possess the skills and energy.

“Therefore, today, as we launch this book, I am proud to announce equally that some proceeds from this project will go towards establishment of “The General Kingsley Chinkuli Foundation,” Gen. Chinkuli said

He said the foundation was aimed at supporting former servicemen, providing them with essential resources and fostering a sense of community among this dedicated group.

“The foundation will also actively engage in initiatives that promote awareness and understanding of the nationwide defence strategies, help preserve and share Zambia’s rich history and heritage, with a particular focus on military history and its connection to national defence and development. Therefore, part of the proceeds from this launch and the sale of the books which will be done today will go towards the foundation,” Gen. Chinkuli said.

While acknowledging the moral support and attendance of his former fellow service chiefs, Gen. Chinkuli challenged them to follow suit and put their lives and careers to paper.
“I am glad that Lt. Gen Francis Sibamba has done this already. As commander, our lives and experiences are pieces of the puzzle that when documented and shared contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the development of our defence force and the nation at large,” he said

Gen. Chinkuli commended First Quantum Minerals (FQM) for granting him access to facilities during his tenure of office as country manager and for availing the former Service League 116 hectares of land in Bwana Mkubwa area of Ndola.

“It is my expectation that the ideas in this book will stimulate debate and contribute to shaping the trajectory of Zambia’s defense, security and national development landscape,” he said.


    • @Anonymous: He has earned the right to opine, though his service. Obviously you think that speaking should be the preserve and exclusive right of people from your tribe only. General Chinkuli is trying to avert the poverty of many former army officers, a lot of whom were tossed out of military by the skin-bleaching Congolese pygmy, Titus Chabala Kafupi, who operated under the stolen identity of Frederick Chiluba, on tribal grounds. These people were cleared out of the army for not being Bemba. Nyanjas were spared, but pretty much everybody else was canned. HH promised to redress their loss, but the government has no money. All of it goes to servicing the US $33 billion debt incurred and looted by Michael Satan and his nephew, Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu

    • @Kaizar Zulu: HH is from the corporate world. He is trained to fire those who do not perform. If you were to work in a Western country, you would understand. The likes of you, who are incompetent, violent, larcenous and deceitful, would be in prison for your crimes if you lived there

  1. Just for those who might not know, General Kingsley Chinkuli or GK as he was popularly known was appointed the first indigenous army commander on the 28th of December, 1970 and sworn in in early 1971. I think the timing of the launch of his book has something to do with that. He took over from a British, General Reid whose contract had come to an end in 1970.GK was a colonel at the of appointment and he immediately jumped two ranks (Brigadier General as well as Major General) to become a Lieutenant General.

  2. Anonymous my brother, much as I appreciate and respect your positive contributions just like De Javu and Independent Observer, lets give General Chinkuli some respect because he was not only the first indigenous Zambian Army Commander but an elderly parent who deserves it because he has earned his keep. We can’t be negative even against good men and women in the military.


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