Friday, June 14, 2024

Lusaka Province Celebrates Zero Audit Queries and Successful Utilization of Constituency Development Fund


Lusaka Province, under the leadership of Minister Sheal Mulyata, has achieved a significant milestone by recording zero audit queries for the year, marking it as one of the notable accomplishments. The announcement was made during the end-of-year thanksgiving event and prayers organized for workers under the Lusaka Provincial Administration.

Mrs. Mulyata expressed pride in the achievement, acknowledging that attaining zero audit queries was a commendable feat for the provincial administration. She highlighted the challenges involved in maintaining such a record but commended the collective efforts that made it possible.

In addition to achieving zero audit queries, Mrs. Mulyata pointed out that the province had effectively utilized the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). She affirmed that all allocated funds were spent for their intended purposes, reflecting responsible financial management.

The announcement was made by Provincial Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata on behalf of Mrs. Mulyata during the thanksgiving event. In her speech, Mrs. Mulyata urged civil servants in the province to contribute to creating a conducive working environment in their respective offices. She emphasized the importance of enjoying the time spent at work, considering the significant amount of time workers dedicate to their offices.

“We spend most of our time here, and there is no need to harbor bitterness in our offices,” Mrs. Mulyata stated.

Expressing gratitude for the hard work exhibited by the officers throughout the year 2023, Mrs. Mulyata conveyed her optimism for more success stories in the coming year, 2024. She concluded her remarks by urging members of the staff to celebrate the New Year responsibly.


  1. Until I know that the audit was done by an independent entity, I attach no value to it. I appreciate that they have a mechanism for accountability, but it is equally important that the auditor in impartial and competent. So I will cross my fingers until I can learn who is responsible for conducting that evaluation


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