Saturday, July 20, 2024

President Hichilema Calls for National Unity and Hard Work in New Year Message


In his New Year address, President Hakainde Hichilema rallied Zambians to join hands in ushering in a year of hard work, economic revival, and national progress. The President, alongside fellow citizens, celebrated the advent of 2024 in rural Masuku of Choma.

During the celebration, President Hichilema emphasized the importance of individual effort in stabilizing the nation’s economy. He called on every Zambian to actively engage in agricultural activities, highlighting the significance of hard work in achieving national food security.

“There is no other way. No magic, no luck to stabilizing our individual homes and the nation without fronting hard work and production,” remarked President Hichilema, stressing the necessity for citizens to contribute to the country’s economic turnaround.

The President encouraged Zambians to produce what they can with their hands, citing examples like maize meal, while advocating for self-sufficiency in essentials like salt.

In his address, President Hichilema also lauded the success of various developmental programs, including the enhanced Constituency Development Fund (CDF), now standing at 30.6 Kwacha. He urged eligible citizens to register as voters in the ongoing continuous voter registration process in preparation for the 2026 General Elections.

Information Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, who is also the Choma Central Member of Parliament, commended President Hichilema for his commitment to steering development in the country. He expressed optimism about Zambia’s path to prosperity under the credible leadership of President Hichilema.

Chief Macha of Choma echoed sentiments of peace and unity, commending President Hichilema for eliminating cadresim and urging Zambians to unite under the motto “One Zambia, One Nation.”

President Hichilema warned livestock thieves of severe consequences once apprehended and urged citizens to take advantage of the favorable business and political environment in the country.


  1. ARREST BRIAN MUSHIMBA OVER THE FAKE TRAFFIC CAMERAS WITH THE LEBANESE. He’s worth over $1.5 million boasting of buying a $500,000 house in the USA. Extradite him.

  2. This man has refused to move to State House which has resulted in his personal house being upgraded to the best commutation and surveillance status. These gadgets give him access to the official State House. My question is what will happen when he’s no longer president? Will he allow the new government to “ransack” his house in search of systems that may be a danger to the government?

    • @Deja Vu: I can tell you that if he indeed has communication devices monitoring state house, their sensors can be blinded from the State House side, when he is no longer entitled to use them. That being said, I doubt very much that has done what you accuse him of. He refused to move to State House because his own mansion is bigger, more comfortable and confers privacy. Remember that the fellow is the first president in the history of the country to work free of charge. He does not even use the official state vehicles. He did not even want to use official state security. He has a vision, which he is trying to implement. He has views that I do not necessarily agree with, but you should give him credit for honesty, and for honestly believing what he claims.

    • @Kaizar Zulu: You are bitter at and hateful of HH because he terminated your free and unlimited ability to steal from the government. You resent him because he made it difficult for you to sleep with the Lebanese men who only allowed your extremely ugly ass to touch them because of your closeness to the venal and corrupt power of Edgar “Jonathan Mutawire” Lungu

  3. We don’t believe anything he says anymore. We know the side he is on and it’s not on the Zambian people’s side. We are watching you ba sir.

    • @FutureZed: What do you mean “anymore”? You have never believed him. He is not from your province, why would like him? That is not the way you are made. He is from my province. He and I went to UNZA at the same time, though I do not remember him. I do not always agree with the fellow, and his capitalism, but he is honest, and honestly convinced in his economic philosophy, even if I do not like or believe in trickle-down economics. That being said, perhaps he does not believe it either, but has to dance to the tune of the IMF and the foreign creditors that Michael Satan and his nephew, Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu sold Zambia to with the shocking US $33 billion that they borrowed and looted.

  4. Zambians are always hard workers, and hard working is at the back of every Zambian so sir it’s better for you to talk about how your government is going to reduce the poverty of many impoverished citizens.

    • @Spaka you cannot mix the third world thing with hard work or lack of hard work. Many Zambians work hard especially those in farming. I do farm as part time while all my neighbors live farming. Every year they toil to grow maize and every year they look forward to better profits but these profits keep on becoming thinner and thinner.
      It’s the way our leaders have handled our affairs especially since the reintroduction of multi party politics. Sad to say even HH is not better.

    • @Independent…and what are you? What statistics are you using to counter what I have said. Don’t just shout ” stats, stats!”

    • Deja Vu

      Hard working is the Chinese……..

      Even the Malaysian, Singaporean , who know when to work and when to politic………

      Now some you want to politic 24/7 , on top of that you throw in your tribal hatred ……..

      You can’t develop

    • I suppose no government can do the said poverty reduction minus the people themselves working extra hard to help the government reduce poverty in a country. the president is right to remind us to work hard if we are to make this country better.

  5. “The farmer himself, or the rancher herself, or himself, is much more credible than any kind of PR stuff.”
    Dr. Temple Grandin

  6. Just arrest @INDEPENDENT OBSERVER and redistribute his $50m, to all hard working Zambians especially people in Southern Province. This mother f**cker needs have his balls squeezed. Who can make such money in a short space of time………………

  7. Sometimes I wonder why people who stumbled on huge sums of money attribute their success to hard work. Yes utilizing one’s income prudently is the key to success. But how many people have spare income to invest in any meaningful ventures. Like I mentioned earlier I have seen these small farmers toil for years without anything to show for their labor
    European miners used to marvel at the hard working Zambian miner who at the end of his career had nothing to show for it.
    So what incentives are we going to use in order to encourage our population to start “working hard”

  8. This man is excuse for a president. Look at the statistics. Fuel k29, dollar k25, fertilizer k1450, mealie meal k350. Not mentioning his miner he calls illegal dying every day. He spends his new year appeasing his tribal-men in Choma forgetting he is a national president. This one has dug his grave and he should not cry when Zambian come to bury him.

  9. Hard work needs to be supported by an enabling environment. Very few small to medium scale farmers can afford the cost of fertiliser and transport costs to markets.

  10. The poor farmer can toil for years………

    But if all other supporting systems around him are rotten………..

    His hard work is all in vain. It is the African disease of cutting corners and willfully ignoring procedures that destroys everything…….

    Like how the PF , a major political party had to be threated with deregistration for them to comply with simple registration procedures……..

    Such laziness and willingness to abrogate procedures is a common factor in all failed countries……..

    • Because you think you will rig the election… don’t even try… this is not Zimbabwe. This is the land of the free.

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