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Directionless Hichilema


A sitting president must have the self-confidence to want power and to believe that his exercise of it can tilt the country in the right direction.

But he should also have the humility and maturity to recognise on any likely projection of the past that his power will come to an end, probably in about five years, maybe less, only exceptionally more. This is the reality of life and leadership.

And the test of his statesmanship in the context of history will not therefore be how many trees he pulls up by the roots but how he fits into a continuous process of adaptation in which, leadership is combined with sensitivity to national mood.

That said, I warn you that you must not expect work and things to be better under his rule.
In a futile attempt to get single digit inflation, he drained the blood – money – out of the economy, killing effective demand. When many have no money to spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend work dies – production of goods and services shrinks.

It’s hurting, but he doesn’t want you to complain, to shout and be heard. He wants you to endure all the pain in silence. He is ready to use the police in all sorts of ways to keep you in painful silence. To him, leadership entails, bringing the country and its people under control by all means necessary, including brute force.

But I warn you again that, if you don’t resist, you will be quiet. When the curfew of fear and the gibbet of unemployment, hunger and starvation make you obedient.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema has become more of an Emperor than a president. That power produces arrogance, and when it is toughened by intolerance and flattered, and frowned upon by spineless sycophants, the arrogance corrupts absolutely.

Such arrogance, unless moderated by colleagues who have more humility, experience, understanding, and sensitivity, can turn into a horrendous vice. Unfortunately, Mr Hichilema, as an Emperor, doesn’t have colleagues in his Cabinet with both the courage and the ability to argue with him and moderate his ego, arrogance and intolerance.

Today, Mr Hichilema may posture and pretend to be very strong, visionary and confident. But gigantic problems lie ahead. He doesn’t know where he is headed, and that is very dangerous. Whatever he is doing is a mere shot in the dark – he is just guessing that what he says or does is correct or will yield successful outcomes. It’s a gamble!

So far, Mr Hichilema’s great achievement is directionless emperorship: he appears to be in control, but no one knows where he is heading.

It’s time to wake up, unite, and resist Mr. Hichilema’s destruction of our country and our lives.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. …………

    Cde Membe looks to be fixing to incite mass disorder and violence in the country………

    What a load of desperate garbage from cde Membe……….

    Instead of waiting for the 2026 elections if he is so confident of the presidents short commings……….

    Cde Membe now wants to incite a revolution

  2. You’re associating with Lungu, what direction did Lungu have? Closing your News media and your businesses? What about you, what direction do you have that you can tell the people?

    • Lungu has better direction than that of your emperor who is just bullying everyone in the name of rule of law.

    • They are the same. Lungu and HH are bullies who love using the law to shut other citizens up. They love power but dont know how to use it positively. They shut their eyes to any misdeeds by their henchmen. Their differences are few-one loves press conferences one hates them-but I think their fate is the same

  3. “When many have no money to spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend work dies – production of goods and services shrinks.” Well, Freddie is old enough to know that this is exactly what happened during UNIP’s socialist experiment. And that Zambia is still a socialist country; that is why we still have INDECO / IDC established during the KK and Sata eras. Zambians who are hallucinating about the utopian benefits of socialism like Freddie need to have their mental faculties examined.

  4. Show us the direction you mean that the people should be able to counter check and compare it with the setup economic recovery laid out by the current administration, instead of you just criticizing without telling the people what you will do to them. We are fed up to read critics with no purported solution.

  5. I don’t like Mmembe but the current president is a lost soul. How can a whole president tell “his people” that they are now ” free” since they can now speak their language without fear of being hacked with pangas? Isn’t that fueling tribal sentiments among his tribes men against certain tribes?

    • Where were you when people were being victimised and retired “in national interest” purely on grounds of which region they came from? Were our realities in the previous regime really that different or are you just pretending not to know what the president was referring to?

  6. Mmembe, you’ve got it all wrong dude. Revisit you campaign strategy and fire your strategist, I mean you can’t just be all over HH day in day out. You must not use perceived HH’s shortcomings as campaign tools. Grow up Mmembe you are old already. Presidency is quickly slipping out of your fingers.

  7. @Mukunku the system of retiring people in national interest has continued. Of course you can’t see it because it’s not your people who are affected or because it’s being perpetrated by ” your government”
    Let me be specific. Why would a president of country…address people in Choma speaking in Tonga that people were hacked with pangas simply for speaking in Tonga. You think that’s being responsible?
    Besides there’s a case where people’s property were burnt in Namwala simply because they were bembas. What has he said or done about it?
    He’s supposed to be uniting the nation. And if he runs out of ideas he should say nothing.

    • …….

      He is telling the truth………

      And that namwala story is like the bwengwa kidnapping by highy trained UPND commandos story……..

      Or the story about a bemba teacher being hacked to death in siavonga because of being bemba………

      Or the story about UPND training youth in a gym owned by GBM to attack the ZDFs……

      And you Dejavu was a main cheerleader of those fake stories , you live and thrive on lies and falsehood

  8. I listened to a boring long address to the nation by Mmembe as the Socialist party president. What a waste of time. Typical of a dictator no questions were allowed. Mmembe thinks whatever he says is to be taken as gospel truth. Bastard!!

  9. @Deja vu, even die hard PF supporters know that the story of people in Namwala having their homes burnt purely because they were Bembas was very fake and constructed to cause tribal animosity and mask tribal practices that were being perpetuated by the accusers. There was an incident but it had nothing to do with tribe. Either get the true story from those who were there or let it go already.
    If people are still being retired on national interest purely because of their tribe then this is totally unacceptable. It may help if you enlightened us of a few cases.

    • He feeds and thrives on any thing that will cause tribal strife……….fake or not.

      To him everything some one does or says is looked at from a tribalisim point of view………….

    • It’s nothing to do with one being a Upnd or PF die hard, the Namwala thing happened. There are people (fishermen)who returned back to Luapula because they felt threatened.

    • Dejavu

      They probably did feel threatened because of lies being spread by PF……….it was in PFs advantage to cause civil tribal division.

      FYI the PF GRZ was all powerfull with full control of a very tribal defense force, there is nowhere in zambia anyone could cause any trouble on tribal lines that disadvantaged PF and the tribal supremacists.

      Even in deep southern province , no one dared cause tribal trouble against PF despite the very visible GRZ tribal inclinations and dismissals……

      It was all lies

  10. As much as I agree with you Mmembe I could replace the subject of your treatise here with Mmembe and the article would still be appropriate. “the self-confidence to want power” is one trait HH and Mmembe share almost to the marrow. That power usually leads someone to dictatorship especially in Africa where Presidents are above the law. Then a compassless President will be directed towards……hell

  11. Eishsssss, this Capitalist turned Socialist rants a Chainama candidate. What has Fred Mmembe accomplished in (life) Zambia. This is a gentleman who bought a Hammer vehicle, he was untouchable as proprietor of the Post Newspaper company that never paid ZRA and eventually liquidated. Restrained to go further, albeit suffices to put a tag of failure and irresponsible on Mmembe. Not fit for public office.

  12. You need to tell this SP chap that what makes people win election is how they are going to improve people’s lives or in simple terms how people will afford three meals a day. Not just yapping no alternative, that is wasting our time also he should remember that age is catching up with him suppose Zambia changes the constitution from 5-year term 7-year term future and he happens to lose in 2026 and 2033 is he going to manage in 2040? Please provide alternative solutions only then we will see if they are realistic..

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