Monday, June 24, 2024

Energy Expert Urges Government Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging Points


Energy expert Borniface Zulu has advised the government to invest in the construction of charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) as part of a broader initiative to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation system.

Mr. Zulu highlighted the potential benefits of investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, emphasizing that such an investment could significantly reduce transport costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and oil imports in the country. In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka, he underscored the importance of mobilizing adequate and sustainable financial resources to facilitate a smooth transition to electric vehicles.

“The benefits of electric vehicles in Zambia include environmental, economic, and social aspects. The adoption of electric vehicles can lead to a lower carbon footprint, reduced emissions of local pollutants, lower fuel and maintenance costs, reduced dependence on oil imports, increased energy efficiency, and potential for job creation and innovation,” explained Mr. Zulu.

He further emphasized the need for the government to foster partnerships and collaborations, invest in charging infrastructure, and develop supportive policies and regulations to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Mr. Zulu acknowledged that while there are significant opportunities for electric vehicle adoption in Zambia, including increased demand for transport services and growing renewable energy generation, challenges such as high initial costs and the establishment of charging infrastructure need to be addressed.

“The adoption of electric vehicles presents a promising option for Zambia to address its transport and energy challenges,” concluded Mr. Zulu, recognizing both the potential benefits and existing barriers that require strategic solutions for successful implementation.


  1. The cost of these vehicles and the problems with zesco it wont work
    too advanced for an under developed country

  2. If TIKKi was there at the time the Cell phones were being innovated he would have discouraged the innovation and say it will be difficult to install the communication towers country wide especially here in Zambia. That kind of thinking is the one making Africa poor and lag behind.

    • Bollocks we have more important issues to resolved first..
      And who will afford them at this stage 3% of the population ??
      We are not ready for such at this particular moment, 10 years maybe
      Africa will lag behind till we realise we have to learn to crawl before walking

    • Cellphones have been a great revolution. I never ever thought I would be able to speak to relatives deep in rural Zambia. The future doesnt wait for you to resolve more important issues. It will just pass by you as you mark time. Our Minister of Commerce needs to be speaking to Tesla as a matter of urgency. The Chinese also have a large e-car production line

  3. Why should the government invest in electric vehicle charging points? All the government needs to do is pass enabling legislation to provide for standards. I hv seen one at Roma Park shopping centre although I hv not seen any vehicle charging there.

  4. Zulu is right. Electric vehicles are now here to stay. Just prepare for them. Have the initiative to bring them into Africa. The government should be speaking to investors who want to assemble e-cars on the continent before South Africa wakes up and grabs all of it. I m sure Uganda will be competing too


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