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President Hichilema Reflects on 27 Years of Mayoba Ranch and Encourages National Development


In a recent visit to the Mayoba Ranch in Zimba District, Southern Zambia, President Hakainde Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema reflected on their 27-year journey with the asset. The presidential couple took a moment to appreciate the ranch’s growth since its inception, emphasizing the values of patience, hard work, and dedication that have contributed to personal, family, and national development.

The President shared the sentimental connection they hold with Mayoba Ranch, noting that they began managing the ranch as a young couple. During their visit, the First Lady actively engaged in harvesting wild okra (Delele), a tradition they have enjoyed since the ranch’s establishment.

Expressing admiration for fellow citizens who have embraced self-employment and food cultivation, President Hichilema highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to create a conducive environment for such initiatives. He urged individuals and the nation as a whole to stay focused on their goals while actively participating in constructive debates that contribute to Zambia’s economic stability.

President Hichilema conveyed a message of optimism, emphasizing that Zambia’s journey to economic stability is a gradual process that requires collective effort.

President Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema at their Mayoba ranch
President Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema at their Mayoba ranch
President Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema at their Mayoba ranch
President Hichilema and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema at their Mayoba ranch
President Hichilema at the Mayoba Ranch



  1. Unfortunately, his wealth and businesses can’t be profiled and therefore they don’t inspire anybody. They just attract veiled side comments now that he’s President. Many hold the view that they’re dubiously acquired assets. Even family members in his employment don’t have anything good to say. It’s difficult to cleanse this man. Let him declare his assets

    • As much as I’m a numbskull, no one has ever mentioned my name whilst crying about their pension or grazing fields or unpaid wages. I’m as clean as KK’s fabled white handkerchief. I’ve never won any dubious and inflated government tender. I sleep peacefully. I don’t have to worry about Nawakwi talking sht about me

  2. It is understandable that some people may feel that a president’s achievements in their personal life should not be heavily intertwined with their government work in the middle of their term. They argue that such personal achievements should be reserved for recognition and celebration after the president has retired and established a library or similar institution to showcase their accomplishments.

    By separating personal achievements from the president’s duties in office, the focus can remain on the critical task of governing and addressing the needs of the people. Furthermore, this approach can help prevent potential conflicts of interest and ensure that the leader’s attention remains fully on their official responsibilities

  3. However, it’s important to note that a president’s personal achievements can also reflect positively on their leadership and character, and can serve as inspiration for others. Additionally, the impact of a leader’s accomplishments, both personal and professional, can sometimes be felt more immediately and tangibly, influencing the nation’s perception and morale.

  4. As for Zambia’s development and historical significance, the country’s foundation and adherence to the rule of law have indeed played a crucial role in shaping its present state. Strong institutions and a stable legal framework are vital for a nation’s progress, and Zambia’s early establishment of its own currency demonstrates a degree of economic and political stability that has contributed to its current standing within Africa.

  5. Ultimately, the interplay between a president’s personal achievements and their role in government is a complex and multifaceted issue, and opinions on the matter can vary widely. It’s important for each country to carefully consider the balance between recognizing a leader’s personal accomplishments and ensuring that their focus remains on the responsibilities of their office.

  6. While the country suffers due to poor economy and cholera, this chicarla is busy gloating about his farms to poor Zambians. Hh is an arrogant f00I

  7. Let him come back and attend to the Cholera epidemic especially in Lusaka. You mean your Ngómbe should be given a priority?

  8. ……….

    Seeing the tribal supremacists daily licking their electrol defeats and their anguish at being ruled by a tonga……..

    Also seeing the tribal supremacists never ever have anything positive to say about HH no matter what he does I will slays support HH , no matter what he does or says……….

    To HH supporters on LT, never give these tribal hating supremacists any ammunition by siding with them on LT, no matter what the president does……….

    After all for them he can do no good because he is a tonga……..

    • Vantage Point

      The brutal truth is some times unpalatable………

      Have you ever seen any of the die hard tribal supremacists on LT say anything plasent about the president ???

      Never………from day one even before he was president, the same attitude towarda the man continues into his presidency ……….

      the only inception is that because he is from the wrong tribe.

  9. Show us what development projects have started, how many are owned by non-political related ordery Zambians, how many gainful employment created, how much export capacity created in grains, fruits, energy, traditional goods, manufactured goods.

  10. When a politician is busy accumulating wealth and has not empowered Zambians around his farms, he is a curse on Zambia, a drain of an opportunity to set an example for other politicians, civil servants and businessmen.
    It is business as usual, rich for rich, getting filthy rich, poor getting poorer.

  11. Would rather have a president who thinks about farming than building a casino. Love Las Vegas but not fan of casinos. I’m an innovation guy.


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