Friday, June 14, 2024

Judge Mbuzi alarmed by levels of child offenders in Western Province


Mongu Resident Judge John Mbuzi has called for stringent measures aimed at curbing the alarming levels of child offenders in Western Province.

And Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta appealed to all parents and guardians in the province to ensure their children are brought up uprightly.

Judge Mbuzi stated that the number of child offenders and murder cases are on the rise in the region, a scenario he said needs concerted effort from all stakeholders in the region.
He said this during official opening of 2024 criminal session under the theme “Accelerated and uncompromised justice ” held at Mongu High Court ground.

Judge Mbuzi said the opening of the criminal session allows all stakeholders to reflect on the successes and challenges encountered in the previous criminal session so that progress can be achieved as learning from the past encourages the judicial system to improve.
“Upon my arrival as Judge In – Charge of the Mongu High Court last year, I found a number of criminal cases pending trial of about three hundred cases but we managed to bring cases to one hundred and five.

Meanwhile, Mr Mbangweta appealed to all parents and guardians in the province to ensure their children are brought up uprightly.
Mr Mbangweta pledged that his office will work closely with all relevant security wings to ensure there is law and order in the province.


    • We’re facing future junkies here. The country’s under siege. The policy response should be multi-faceted. What we call rural areas are no longer what they used to be a few years ago. They also need secure reasonably well-paying jobs for life to be meaningful and families to bring up good children.

    • Mongu is far from being a rural area… you get everything you would find in Kitwe apart from copper of course.
      You would be surprised just how much ichiBemba and ichiNyanja is now spoken in the streets of Mongu. The young thugs are migrating from both Copperbelt and Lusaka to look for greener pastures.
      Of course I don’t have evidence to back up the assertion that these offenders are from the big cities. Also the judge didn’t really give statistics to compare the crime rates between Mongu and the big cities.
      But I do agree with the other commenters that the solution requires all stakeholders and multifaceted approach. And indeed it is a sign of economic and social issues.

  1. Signs of the unprecedented poor economic crisis under hh. Never on our history did we see juvenile delinquency growing in rural areas. Hh is breaking records

    • Fake UK based Kaizar Zulu troll, you do realise the economy was destroyed by the PF and ECZ and the UPND and HH are trying to fix the damage? Nah I’m no HH (I think he’s a huge disappointment as many people had so much faith in him), but to blame him over the current economic woes is being disingenuous on your part.

    • Jigga you are just a f00l . We become trolls when it suits have failed to respond to the many issues we in opposition are raising. What and see what happens in 2026. He will break another record of 1 term government. Eeeembwa iwe

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