Friday, February 23, 2024

President Hichilema Cuts Holiday Short to Tackle Cholera Crisis


President Hakainde Hichilema has curtailed his holiday in Southern Province to take more direct and frontline leadership in addressing the escalating cholera outbreak.

The decision was communicated through a Facebook post, urging citizens to follow guidelines such as handwashing, boiling drinking water, thorough cooking of food, and avoiding handshakes.

President Hichilema emphasized the collective effort needed to swiftly curb the cholera situation in Zambia.

25 People have died due to cholera in the last 24hrs.


  1. Planning ahead is important. There’s no quick fix to national problems. Pit latrines were supposed to have been fumigated with quick lime as early as October. That’s how Chitalu Chilufya prevented cholera for 3 consecutive years. There’s general failure at MoH under Masebo but you opted to side her instead of listening to our advice. The cancer diseases hospital is closed and people are dying very painful deaths unnoticed while Masebo asks contractors to buy her son a Mercedes Benz else she terminates their contract. Deals have become more important than lives. Introspect and see if you’re doing the correct thing. It’s not too late to make amends

    • @Ayatollah, guys avoid mixing $hit. Sylvia’s $exual offer for Mercedes Benz can’t transmit cholera.
      Bro am with you on this, if LT can go back in comments, I asked HH to ask ministers to sweep all drainage and order chlorine in October. But guess what, they were busy following ECL running each sabbath. Sylvia’s pu$$y has nothing to do with this outbreak.

    • Chitalu Chilufya is a corrupt criminal. He is the reason why thousands of Zambians died due covid. You trying to project that animal as a saint is criminal. Every day in Lusaka, BID (brought in dead) were running around 100 to 150. I hate Chitalu Chilufya even more than I hate Kaizar “kalya…”! That motherfu refused to close schools while covid was raging so that the voters could be fooled into feeling that things were not that bad. Teachers, students and thousands in the general public died because of that criminal decision. The president is highlighting what caused cholera. Simon Chushi Mwewa gutted the service sector and the sanitation of Lusaka. Frederick Chiluba and Michael Sata deprived councils of their revenue by giving their assets to his tribesmen

    • @Nostradamus, what I know is that Masebo cancelled that contract because the contractor refused to heed her demands for him to buy her son a Merc. Apart from that, she’s refused to listen to experts in her Ministry. She’s elected to insult and accuse them of stealing, so how does she expect to deliver? HH is to blame because he’s fond of supporting wrong people. If he puts Christopher Kalila at MoH everyone will agree with him and we’ll not be talking about this next season. It’s not that there are no people who can perform, it’s about wrong choices

    • Ayatollah,If I can manage to trace your IP address and geo-locate you to be somewhere in a Ministry of Health office in Solwezi,What more about ZICTA.Please stop your vulgarities.

    • @ MuZambian, if anyone wants me I can avail myself. I’ve read my post and my response to Nostradamus twice and I haven’t noticed any vulgarity. What have you seen? Do you mean to point out wrongs in HH and his administration translates to being vulgar?

    • @Ayatollah, your comments are on point BUT someone chooses to call them vulgarities?? So much for our democracy!!

    • @ MuZambian… I’m yet to see a person from your region arrested for hate speech in spite of the utterances coming from your people against other people.

    • #Ayatollah

      Keep moving and soldiering. The English word has so many words a person can use to make his point if they don’t agree with someone.

      Unfortunately, those who fail to manage their heads always rush to accusation and twist things. There is no vulgar in your comments. Unless if someone is so daft.

      It must be stated that some people feel very offended each time HH and UPND Government is made accountable or criticized.

  2. Refusing to move operations to the state house during a time of crisis signals a disconnect with the urgency of the situation and a lack of understanding of the infrastructure needed to effectively manage such emergencies. By remaining detached, the administration only fuels uncertainty and undermines public confidence in its ability to lead.

    • The house where the president does his business is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether he is doing his job. Lungu, Satan, Chipuba, all lived in state house. Lungu and Satan borrowed and stole US $33 billion, saddling the government with an emasculating debt that is preventing from addressing crises like this. Satan and Chipuba took the assets of the councils and shared them with their tribesmen. The result is that the councils were deprived of revenue, and could not provide sanitation services, leading to cholera outbreaks. Your relative looted Zambia, and turned Lusaka into a village full of pit latrines, instead of a modern city with working sewers. It is their fault.

    • I feel HH is scared of Sylvia. A bit of a political heavy weight especially when it comes to Chongwe constituency.

    • Kikikiki When Trump did what you are suggesting during Covid he was exposed as an ignorant bum and thats what contributed to his election loss

  3. This is another unfulfilled promise… again I blame Silvia Masebo. She’s got enough experience that the fellow ministers she’s working with can’t match. The signs were there early in November 2023. Action should have started there and then. Even here in Kitwe I don’t see any action to fight or prevent the disease. Maybe the mayor is afraid of Elisha Matambo who is waiting for instructions from his excellence. People are still selling and buying food stuff on streets.

    • You can blame Sylvia Masebo all you want, but she did not borrow and steal the US $33 billion, the servicing of which has crippled the finances of the government, rendering it impotent in the face health crises like this cholera outbreak. No broken campaign promise caused Chipuba and Satan to take the assets of councils and give the to their tribesmen, depriving the council of the means to generate revenue needed to provide sanitation services. If you want to see who is responsible for this cholera outbreak, look in the mirror, because it is you who helped, Chipuba Satan and Lungu to get in power. Instead of always blaming other people for your criminality and failings.

  4. Do we really have leaders in this country to genuinely solve our problems and grow our economy. Some neighbouring countries are investing in high speed trains but here we are struggling to handle hygiene issues. Our country in most places look like we have been at war since independence. From regime to regime we see plunder after plunder. Every leader that comes in always turns conman the first he turns up at the office. All we do after getting a conman in office that is wait for another 5 years to elect another conman.

    • The day of reckoning will come. If you chose to be in position of influence DO NOT STEAL FROM POOR PEOPLE. They may think they are clever but one day they will give an account. God is the God of justice.Nothing will go unpunished.

    • @Neo-Patriot,
      Suffice to read comments on LT coming from some of Zambia’s brightest heads, and you will understand why Zambia is where it is now.

  5. He only came back after opposition and the people forced him to. What does that make him? However if high profile whltes were visiting zambia, he wouldn’t have even gone on holiday. He cares about his gay whlte funders more than he does his own people. Always remember that

    • What opposition? The criminals in the opposition should be in jail for causing the cholera. The borrowing of US $33billion by Satan and Lungu, which they then looted, left the Zambia financially crippled as there is no way we can pay that size of debt even if we give all the money we get from everything we do, for the next 50 years. Furthermore, these are the same people who shared the houses that used to belong to the councils, from which it got all of its revenue. Once Chipuba and Satan gave these houses to their tribesmen, the council were left with no means to fund the provisions of services. Running water all but ceased to flow; the sewers all clogged up; the refuse piled on streets… This failure of sanitation is the cause of cholera

  6. @ MuZambian you have no right to threaten anyone. Your party has failed that’s why we are criticizing it. But I am not surprised especially after listening to egg head Mweetwa on KBN. He was asked why the opposition are denied permission to freedom of assembly on account of lack of police manpower, but on a busy day like independence day the same police were deployed to guard Miles Sampa convention… his reply was anyone can hire the police by paying….can you see… his head is egg shaped, full of yolk.

    • DejaFOOOOL.I am an ardent believer in human rights and freedom of speech.I can never hand you in even if I can trace you somewhere on the Copperbelt and have your SIM Identifier.I am just warning that ZICTA can be much advanced than me

    • I will happily look like Hon Mweetwa anytime, than resemble Jabba the Hutt Kambwili, rotten toothed Satan, skin bleaching Congolese pygmy Chipuba, incompressibly ugly Kaizar Zulu, mbeba-faced buck-tooted Lungu. ..etc., But most importantly, I would rather be the honest, hardworking, morally upright, principled typical man of the South. All of you tribalists have failed to explain to me how anyone can borrow US $33 billion of the worst kind of loans, and steal it. We Southerners were not allowed to be anywhere near the government that committed that crime. You shared the assets of the councils among your tribesmen, and thereby deprive the councils of the revenue needed to provide the sanitation that prevents cholera…

  7. @ MuZambian. You can’t scare me and neither can HH scare me. We fought a real lion in the name of KK, we risked our jobs in the government owned mines. You send your tribal police to arrest me, what is your benefit? I challenge you to report all of us critical of your party. After all jails like cemeteries are meant for people not dogs.

    • Too small but I make you grow goosebumps each time I post. .. otherwise you would not be responding to them. I am not surprised because in Upnd you say one thing when you mean the opposite.

    • This Muzambian is a chicarla. Ati IP geolocate ubufi just like his f00Iish idol hh. If you have those capabilities why have you failed to find me hahahaha. Eeeeembwa

  8. When I said that this is the most useless president and government south of the equator, I was showered with insults by UPND praise singers (including my parents). Now look at what’s happening to the country. These chaps have absolutely no clue! And things will only get worse…brace yourselves lovely people of Zambia.

  9. HH used to talk of PF Lacking leadership skills and promised Zambians true leadership but we have seen is the opposite.PF where far much better.The cost of his international trips is enough money to pay for medicines in the hospitals

  10. This man loves photo opportunities. I’m beginning to fell sorry for him because he has been receiving bad and outdated advise.

  11. What a great President we have!! He saw there was cholera and he cut his hard earned Holiday Short to come and tackle it. Imagine giving up his jetset life for garbage collection even if it was for half an hour. His silly advisers are ten steps behind because they were sleeping so they forgot to tell him to wear gumboots and overalls for this wasnt going to be an office job.

    • We only think of cleaning up when cholera strikes. Yet the garbage is with us 24/7 and we ignore it. May be we reserve it for photo-shoots when the president poses with a shovel ati niba “one of us”

  12. Ka Zulu.The real Kaiser Zulu is wanted by the Immigration and police service,not by myself.You,on the other hand, work with dustbins abroad…. Dullard.

    • See he is hallucinating hahah. Come find me you chi dog. Fuseke eeembwa iwe. Your father hh has messed this country up. When you fail to respond to my points you conveniently accuse me of not being me hahaha kikiki

  13. ……….

    Providing free clean water in kombonies as they say they are doing will fix the cholera problem………..

    The water tables are contaminated with feces from unregulated poorly constructed toilets and pit latrines………

    Local MPs not fixing the unregulated problems of toilets and pit latrines contaminating the water tables need to be put on notice………

    People with bore holes should also have acsses to chemicals to treat their water……..

    Big questions about Sylvia mesebos ability at this ministry are required………..the job is beyond her……..

    Also minister of local government , nkombo , is sleeping when unhygienic practice is seen everyday in markets and on the streets

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