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‘Bedsiders’ not allowed In Cholera Centers


Amid concerns raised by some individuals regarding their inability to visit relatives admitted to the Cholera Centre at the National Heroes Stadium, Lusaka Provincial Health Director, Dr. Simulyamana Choonga, has clarified that family members are not permitted to take care of cholera patients at the treatment facility due to its highly infectious nature.
In response to queries, Dr. Choonga explained that the stringent restriction on family visits is a precautionary measure to prevent the potential spread of the cholera infection. The National Heroes Stadium Cholera Centre has been designed to adhere to high levels of infection control protocols to ensure the safety of both patients and the broader public.

Speaking to ZNBC news, Dr. Choonga underscored the importance of maintaining a controlled and secure environment within the treatment center. He emphasized that the Ministry of Health has implemented specific measures to facilitate communication between concerned family members and the Cholera Centre.

To address the concerns of those with relatives admitted to the center, Dr. Choonga stated that the Ministry has provided dedicated phone numbers. These contact numbers can be utilized by the public to inquire about the health status of their relatives and receive necessary updates. By establishing this communication channel, the Ministry aims to keep family members informed and engaged in the well-being of their loved ones while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Dr. Choonga acknowledged the challenges faced by families separated from their relatives during the cholera outbreak but reiterated the necessity of prioritizing infection control measures. He urged the public to utilize the provided phone numbers responsibly and assured that the Ministry is committed to transparent communication regarding the health status of patients at the Cholera Centre.

As the efforts to contain the cholera outbreak intensify, clear communication channels become crucial in keeping the public informed and addressing concerns in a timely and effective manner. The Ministry continues to work diligently to manage the situation and provide the necessary support to those affected by the outbreak.


  1. Never in the history of zambia, I repeat, never in the history of zambia have we seen such levels of failure and incompetence in the governance of our country. Upnd are under 5s

    • And you Kaizer were in state house providing advice to the head of state? With advisers like you, no wonder Lungu failed. As @Deja vu, its common sense to limit cobtact with infected individuals. Cholera is a dry run for more serious deadly infectious diseases (God forbid) like Ebola. Our health workers luclustre approach to infection control is worrisome. After many episodes of cholera ie. almost every year, they should have developed a strategy to control the rapid spread we are witnessing. We need a zambia CDC proper. Maybe we ned a medical professional for Minister oh Health afterall.

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