Tuesday, June 18, 2024

President Hichilema Takes Bold Steps to Combat Cholera Outbreak


In an urgent response to the escalating cholera outbreak in Zambia, President Hakainde Hichilema has declared a crucial shift towards domestic cholera vaccine production. Addressing the media at Community House, President Hichilema pledged the government’s unwavering commitment to do everything possible to ensure the availability of vaccines, asserting that this strategic move is vital for effectively containing the disease.

President Hichilema announced that stringent and costly measures would be implemented to prevent future cholera outbreaks, underlining the gravity of the situation. To address the root causes of cholera, he emphasized the necessity of constructing roads and drainages in compounds, irrespective of the associated costs, to facilitate better access for emergency services. The President highlighted that the absence of infrastructure in certain compounds creates a conducive environment for cholera to thrive.

In a forward-looking directive, President Hichilema mandated that all new settlements must undergo comprehensive servicing, including the provision of water, roads, and drainages, before being allocated to residents. This proactive approach aims to eliminate potential breeding grounds for cholera and fortify the country’s defenses against future outbreaks.

Health Advisor Roma Chilengi, speaking on behalf of President Hichilema, disclosed that one million doses of cholera vaccines are expected to arrive in the country on January 14, 2024. These vaccines, provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the current outbreak, will play a pivotal role in the ongoing efforts to combat the cholera crisis.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo announced her intention to invoke the Public Health Act, to introduce measures aimed at controlling and preventing the further spread of cholera. By leveraging this legislation, Masebo aims to enforce laws that will contribute to the eradication of cholera, showcasing the government’s resolute stance on public health.

In a symbolic gesture of support and acknowledgment of the response teams, President Hichilema is scheduled to visit the National Cholera Treatment Centre at the National Heroes Stadium and other cholera treatment centers in Lusaka.


  1. We should be ashamed of ourselves…60 years after independence and we still want Bazungu to teach us hygiene and how to keep our surroundings clean….we need clean cities and thats how we will defeat Cholera….and am sure next year it will be the same story…year after year

  2. We need to find a way and get rid of unplanned shanty compounds and street vending has to be regulated…Lusaka needs a complete overhaul…… we need to get rid of
    chibolya…kanyama…John Laing…Chawama and build low cost 2 bedrooms houses along Kabwe road and relocate all the shanty compound dwellers

  3. The Money that HH spends Globetrotting is enough to build 500 000 low cost houses…and the Presidential entourage and Presidential motorcade is too big….if i was President i would be traveling with 3 cars the most….one Police car in Front and one Police car behind me and maybe 2 Police motorcycles

    • You escort is too huge as well. Public transport safe enough for the President and his administration to use.

  4. Limbula isansa talila mena. Just when one case was reported, this man should swung into action…..in Kitwe street vendors and consumers it’s business as usual.

  5. When we say politicians are the same, this is what we mean. Vaccines aren’t a panacea for cholera but hygiene. So to these chaps it’s alright for people to consume water and food contaminated with faecal matter as long as they’re vaccinated? During the last outbreak we told Chitalu Chilufya that it looked like it was induced in order to justify the administration of vaccines. Now the President is promoting vaccines! There’s no hope

    • ……..

      Vaccines are a solution to the spread of cholera in the immediate . ………

      Stopping the epidemic lies in doing something about the contaminated water tables in the country……….

      Now we all know this is a long term problem to fix, so for now the vaccine and chemical treatment of water and pit latrines is the way to go……

  6. This f00I hh has failed to build simple toilet at his in laws village, you think this one can manage to combat cholera. Continue lying to yourselves. Thousands will die and he won’t care because he likes such sacrifices as a freemas0n

    • Lungu was MP for chawama………..

      He found them using pit latrines and Wells next to pit latrines………….

      And left them still using pit latrines and Wells next to pit latrines when he became president……..

      He spent billions, yet people are still using pit latrines and Wells next to pit latrines

  7. Ati bold step. This guy was discouraging people from getting the COVID-19 jab. But immediately he became president he organized a photo session of him getting the jab. What a hypocrite.

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