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Vice President,Clergy dialogue on cholera fight


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has called on the church to partner with the government in the fight against the cholera pandemic.

Ms Nalumango says the church is a good partner of the government and can contribute immensely, to stop the spread of the deadly disease.

She notes that in the wake of the pandemic, the church should work closely with the government, adding that the government can not fight the pandemic alone.

The Vice President has also noted that there is an urgent need to strengthen consultative engagements.

The Vice President said this today when she met the clergy at the cabinet office.

Ms Nalumango noted that to fight the pandemic government through the multi sectoral approach has implemented a number of strategies to fight the disease.

She explained that interventions such as chlorinating  water, emptying toilets, cleaning the surrounding among others are being done.

Ms Nalumango stated that with these interventions there are gaps adding that is why the country keeps recording new cases where the church should come on board.

“ As the government and our cooperating partners we have done what we can to fight this forward. Unfortunately, we still continue recording new cases. Therefore, we are calling upon you the church to come on board. Do not wait for the government to call you for you to partner. This calamity is not just affecting us alone but the church too, “ Ms Nalumango stated.

And in responding to the Vice President’s call, Independent Churches of Zambia President David Masupa said the church stands ready to work with the government to combat the cholera pandemic.

Bishop Masupa assured the government that churches will draw a programme where they will be cleaning the church surroundings on specific agreed days.

Bishop Masupa noted that the church will also join in sensitising people on the pandemic, in churches and public places.

Bishop Masupa further commended President Hakainde Hichilema for his plans to make Zambia a manufacturer of the cholera vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson for the Organising Committee of the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation Billy Nfula has urged the government to involve the church in sensitizing the people against the cholera pandemic.

Bishop Nfula stated that when the government goes out to different communities there is a need to have a representative from the clergy.

He said this way, more people will be captured and will help in changing the mindset of the community.

“ We ask that please as you go round, engage a clergy. The people you are speaking to are our members so involve us too so that we can help in fighting this pandemic”, Bishop Nfula stated.


  1. The Church is composed of people, people who must be aware of the dangers of diseases like cholera. Only a selfish pastor will allow his flock to be exposed to this disease…. some pastors only think of how much people will tithe. Here I would urge the Vice President not to use soft gloves…. just call a spade a spade.

  2. Is there evidence that church gatherings have facilitated the movement of the virus? Are we just assuming because they are gatherings they are transmission points. This is where institutions like UNZA should come in and help

  3. Cholera is caused by the vibrio cholerae bacteria; it is not a virus. The solution is simple. You need clean water, sanitation and sewer services. These things are not available in Zambia. Simon Chushi Mwewa, the useless mayor of Lusaka, oversaw the dilapidating of those services. The disaster called Frederick Chiluba then took away all the assets of the city councils, and gave them to his relative and tribesmen. This deprived the councils of the revenue with which they funded service delivery. Michael Satan and Edna Lungu then borrowed US $33 billion dollars and looted it. This left Zambia with a debt that has crippled its finances, as a result of which it has no money left to address any issue, much less such a crisis as a cholera outbreak

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